Not sure about you, but I don’t think this looks so good.

Hillary Clinton Coughing Attack

Donald Drumpf Can Actually Win?!?

I’m not going to vote for Hilary for a few reasons and the least likely one is her coughing attack. Here’s my thought process, she must be such a poor candidate that she is barely winning over Trump! Donald Trump isn’t a politician. He’s a wheeling and dealing business man and Hilary isn’t able to put him away. In fact he’s gaining ground! Vegas has taken so much action on Trump that they are probably shaking in their boots.


donald-trump-hillary-clintonAs bad as Donald is with the wall, his lack of tact with world leaders, his failed University which taught the teachers to up-sell the students into spending more money, his tiny hands, his ridiculous hair, his shenanigans, and the general thought “we can’t have him as our President”, HE’S STILL NOT OUT OF IT. Hilary must be a worse option because she’s barely winning and it keeps getting closer. These debates are going to be electric. There has to be some feeling that Hilary is going to cough through the entire debate. Can’t wait.