imageIf you haven’t been following Golf, which I’m sure you haven’t, the top players of the world decided not to participate in the Olympics because it hasn’t been played since 1904, and doesn’t carry the weight of the majors. They actually used the excuse of the Zika virus for why they weren’t playing. I’m looking at you Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Brendan Grace, Louis Oosthuizen, and Adam Scott. I have a feeling they might be regretting this decision once the tournament starts.

In more interesting news, Paulina Gretzky put this on Instagram a few days ago and got into it with some trolls about DJ not playing in the Olympics.

I got 99 problems but you won’t be one @djohnsonpga

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Paulina_Gretzky_Hawaii_ArticlePaulina has since deleted this comment in response:

Listen here you hating pieces of shit trolls. I’ll say it once, he didn’t work his ass off his entire life for a gold medal, he achieved his MAJOR, and let everyone else do what they need to do and leave my fanfuckingtastic man alone.

Some of the better comments on this picture:

  • how does it feel to be a dumb blonde trophy wife living off her dad and husband’s success? When’s ur porno coming out? Skank
  • He’s a bum with 0 personality who sounds like a simpleton when he speaks. The fact that you throw around profanity only adds to the fact that you’re a classless couple. Yes he has a major. Thank god Bc otherwise hes known as nothing more than a stiff, lame choke artist. Keep showing your ass for fame, skank.
  • Did you husband do Blow and screw other players wives/girlfriends?

Why Olympic Golf is Worth Watching

  • Lost respect for you.

    Lost respect for you.

    2 Words – John Deere. If the Traveler’s was a below average tournament, the John Deere has about as much enthusiasm as a man on life support

  • They will be golfing in a location I have never seen a golf course in
  • Most of the worlds best players aren’t pussies and will be partcipating – Fowler, Bubba, Kuchar, Reed, Stenson, Rose, Garcia
  • It’s the Olympics and you can only brag about winning it every 4 years
  • Draftkings lineups are available