you_have_a_blogI am not a blogger.  I’ve evolved into someone much stupider than a blogger.  All bloggers are the same.  Think Gourlay.  They get this brilliant idea that their thoughts are great and people want to read them so they sign up through a free website.  Early on they have much dedication and ambition with their posts.  They hope that people will come in droves to read their material.  A few months pass, they realize it’s hard to come up with material consistently, they get worn out, they realize that nothing will ever come from this endeavor, and then they quit.  I’ve seen it with dozens of friends and websites.  Not me.

I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve been blogging but I’m not a blogger anymore.  This is post 2,209 and have only been paid in comments…mostly negative.  With this much experience being a moron who owns a domain name, I’ve come to see that there are plenty of other morons just like me.

20-dollar-bill-transfer-transferframe198Today I was reading the WSJ and saw that they are considering putting a woman on the $10 bill.  A thought popped into my head that this is blog material.   I could make a list of candidates and photoshop their faces on bills.  Of course I wouldn’t pick actual candidates like Rosa Parks or Elenor Roosevelt.  I’d go with polarizing figures like Lady Gaga and Hope Solo.  It would be funny.  LOLOLOLOL.  As I let the idea simmer in my brain I quickly moved on to an article about Sancorp and forgot about the $10 bill.  Later in the day I was reading BarStool and saw KFC wrote a shittier post than I would have about the $10 bill.  This is when a lightning bolt hit the tip of my penis.

I realized bloggers are all the same.  They read sites like Reddit and the WSJ and post about an article that someone else made and try to make an interesting point.  DING DING DING.  I have to be the first source.  People have to come to your site for material!!!  Am I capable of producing my own news?  NOPE.

Be-OriginalNot yet at least.  However the point is made that I have to create posts with original ideas.  I remember Gourlay mentioning this point when he first started his blogging career and now that it’s over, I guess he came to the understanding that it’s harder than it looks.  I’ve been struggling for post topics as of late but I think I’m going to be reinvigorated with an onslaught of material shortly.  Just wait.  Just wait.