Chamber’s Bay, Wa

The US Open plays this week at Chambers Bay in Washington which offers the chance for us East Coasters to watch golf in the evening .  This does not happen as often as you think, considering the PGA was last played on the West Coast in ’98, the Masters is always Augusta, British Open (wee morning) in the UK, and the US Open was in CA in 2012.   To speak to the point of the title and why my excitement level is high is because it’s 11pm and the broadcast is still going on Fox.

I don’t much like Joe Buck doing golf but at least Chris Berman is sitting on the sidelines.  Choosing actual golfers to commentate instead of personality’s makes more sense to me.  Buck for baseball and Berman for football.  A gripe I have with the coverage is that the leaderboard should switch to lower scores more often than it does.  The key to a golf broadcast is making sure the camera is following the ball smoothly and let the players will put on the show.  Cue Tiger.

Tiger Woods at US Open

Worst career round at US Open

Tiger shot a first round 80 (+10).  He looked old.  I watched a few holes and on after one of his drives he posed exactly like I do when my hooked drive sails towards a window.  His poor aura also effected the energy of his playing partners as well.  Rickie Fowler shot an 81 and Louie Louis Oosthuizen shot 77.  Entertaining though.

I put 10 dollars on Billy Horschel to win it at 50-1 and he fired a first round +2.  He’s going to have to get hot.  I’ll probably throw some 2nd round cash down for a bit more action.  I’ll post it on Twitter tomorrow.