Life ArtI could see how this title may be portrayed as a plea for help but it’s more like asking to a group of people how much they are going to care about the events of my actual life, which is what I’ll be posting about.

We had a bball game last night and our team is in shambles.  We had 7 people and 2 subs sign up and haven’t had more than 6 for a game.  Our 6-6 center hurt his knee so he won’t be back for a while.  Our point guard broke his ankle so he’s out.  Another sub can’t play until the end of June and another sub just refuses to play.  We picked up Mugesy as a last minute addition to the team which at least allows us to play in the games.

We were 1-1 coming into last night with one close loss and a blow out win.  Last night we opened up a 13-1, unexpected, lead.  The other team cut it to 2 at half time.  As the game wound down I had a 3 point play opportunity to put us up 1 with a minute left to play.  I missed the FT to put us in the lead and as only this clip could show, “C’mon, Larry, it was one shot.”

The other team scored on the ensuing play setting up a chance to tie it with 15 seconds left but we never got the shot. Mugsey stepped over the line throwing the ball in and we had to foul to essentially end the game. I think Jeff had about 30.


ccsipsSips is tonight so that’ll be some material for tomorrow.  Jeff has moved out so I’m an empty nester now. My house is nice and cool on the bottom floors but the top is hot which has me sweating at night. I’m considering buying an A/C unit but I think I’ll just sweat it out. I’ve also been watching House of Cards which will consume some time because it’s a pretty addicting show. True Detective this Sunday which is a show to look forward to.