I’ve had these blisters on my feet since my last long run and I finally popped them yesterday. I bought this gold bond to help in the healing process and I put it on in the morning before I got dressed. So I applied the cream, got dressed and then went to the bathroom to put my contacts in. I washed my hands and then put the contact in my eye. There must have been residue left over from the cream on my hand because it burned my eyes so badly that I was practically crying. Worst eye pain I’ve had in a long time. So now I’m wearing my glasses because I’m scared to put the contacts back in. I’ve always felt like nerd wearing glasses throughout middle and high school (which is why I never wore them) but at this stage of my life, I have overcome that fear of looking like a nerd (I can hear the shee in the background saying I still am). As I’ve gotten older, things like being accepted and liked, which still mean something, are less and less of an influence. I still prefer to fit in compared to being the outcast but how someone views me with glasses or without is no longer on my radar. I guess you could say my self esteem has improved over the course of my life to the point that I go into most situations without much thought other than how to make the best of it. My basic outlook lately is people care more about themselves and how they come off, then what they think of you.

While I was driving into work today the radio was playing some awesome songs at one point. They rocked Hey, Hey, What Can I Do by Led Zeppelin, Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan, Horse with No Name by America, and then Sugar Magnolia by the Grateful Dead. Wmgk isn’t playing that good of music and Sirius once again will one up FM. I’m going to go into another music playing rant. Two competitors to Sirius radio are Ipod’s and Pandora, neither of which in my mind are competitors. Ipods only play music that you download. So if you want to be legal about it, you are paying money for songs to upload which will obviously cost way more than any subscription to satellite radio and limit the amount of songs you listen to. The illegal method is probably more preferred but you are still listening to songs that you choose. When I listen to the radio I want someone else to do the selection for me. If I pick my own songs, most likely I’m going to pick songs that I know are good and never expand into other areas of music. With Sirius I have plenty of genres to choose from and many different artists with many different songs being played. To knock Pandora down is simple too because once you listen to an artist’s station for more than a couple hours they keep playing the same tracks. Not to mention some of their taste in music is awful. You can’t compare Sirius to FM either because FM has commercials and only peasants will put up listening to commercials. I’m invested in their stock and have been watching it rise and once they report earnings for this upcoming quarter and the stock jumps to $1.50, just know that I told you so. I’m actually going to re position myself in the market for what I consider to be tumultuous times in the future.