So I didn’t drink at all last night which is a fairly rare occurrence. No drinking this weekend either and usually when I write that, I don’t do it. However, I actually will abide by that this weekend because of the broad st on Sunday and I would like to do well and alcohol is not a proponent of fast times. It will be a bit different but most likely for the better.

I cleaned out my entire room last night (instead of drinking) and I probably had 20 polo shirts and another 25 or so button down shirts. I probably only wear a rotation of 10 shirts each so I just got rid of anything I will never wear again. I’ve phased out the Nautica brand from my arsenal because they went to some really foreign land to get their shirts produced and now they are all funky. The brand INC shirts start to shrink in the sleeves so I had to rid myself of them. I got it down to about 15 of each and now my closet and room are much cleaner. I have to buy myself some new polos to start fresh for the season. I also donated anything I wasn’t going to wear again to the salvation army.

Wagon and I are going golfing today and I also have to pick up my race information for the Broad St. Last year there was a line about an hour long so I’m not looking forward to standing in that today. Also I’m taking the Subway to the start of the race on Sunday which will be different. Other than that, painting the beer pong table is on the agenda. That’s pretty much the deal.