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I don’t have anything to really post so I’ll make this quick. We lost in bball again, giving us an 0-7 record heading to the playoff game, singular. I airballed one from 13 feet, wide open. I can’t really explain why my skills have deteriorated but it’s becoming more evident year after year. We also have no height which hurts when we play against a 6-6 guy who has some talent.

I also deposited in stars again. I played 350 hands last night for a net loss of $3.50. I still have to grind out my bonus. I’ve been watching a couple cardrunners videos and I feel like my game at the stakes I’m going to play is superior. When I lose, and I look back on why I’m losing, it’s due to bad bankroll management and lack of focus. I just go on cruise control and don’t really think about what I’m doing. So it’s good I took a couple week break because I feel like I can play well again.

I watched the Graduate w/ Dustin Hoffman which apparently was a 4 star movie but I thought it was awful. It pretty much displays how stupid females are in the late 60’s. If you haven’t seen it I wouldn’t really recommend it.

I’m excited for the Wing Bowl tomorrow. I’ll try to get as many pictures with strippers as I can so I can post them on this site. These next hours after work should be fantastic. Today is like Friday so I’m pretty pumped.

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New Schedule

We lost our bball game by 27 or so last night. The early line came out at 32 so we entered cover city. It’s just getting embarrassing but at least it’s almost over with 1 more game and then a playoff game.

I went to sleep at 10pm last night which is a rarity. I’m usually up to 2 so I was happy to get a good nights rest. For some reason I woke up 4 times during the night which I think starts to happen more often the older you get. I was having some weird ass dreams but I have, what I expect to be common, a problem remembering them.

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We lost our bball game and that was pretty much the last chance we had at winning a game. It came down to overtime which was iffy to begin with. Bake had a heave from a little inside mid court that hit the rim and gingerly fell into my hands and I threw it up with no one around. Problem was there were 3 seconds on the clock to begin the play so what happened was the time keeper was probably snoozing. It didn’t matter as we got rolled in overtime. We can just look at this as a rebuilding year. Problem is we are all getting older and slower and the skills are decaying. Oh well. (more…)

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Those lists take me a while and I didn’t have time to do the next 20 so I just am going to give a quick life update.

We lost our second bball game of the year by 10. We played the first half tight, probably down about 5 at half. They opened up a lead to 18-20 with about 10 minutes to play. They just completely outworked us in the opening minutes of the 2nd half on fast break points. They had easy lay up after easy lay up and I think we were all pretty winded since we were playing with 6. We cut it to 4 or 5 at one point with just a couple minutes left and they pretty much finished us off at the end. There is a chance we go 0-8 in this league. If you read this and you know a basketball player who has height, let me know.

This paragraph I’ll devote to both Californication and Dexter’s season finale. I really liked the climax in Californication. It wasn’t a happy ending and as I’m getting older I found the emotional sappy shit pretty entertaining. I liked the sex talk with Becca and Hank. I liked the fact that Mia, Hank and the bro were hiding the underage thing and then the drama that unfolded once it was brought to light. When Hank was walking in to his place to tell Karen about Mia, it just made me think that anything I ever encounter in my life would never come close to as bad as what Hank did. Nevertheless I still think his character is awesome. Runkle and Marcy splitting was fine. She is really, really short and I hope Runkle and Hank start next season as bachelors because it just makes for funny TV. I really think Showtime is hitting the nail on the head with these shows.

I don’t want to ruin Dexter for anyone who hasn’t watched it (you really have to), but I thought this season was particularly good. Arthur played a fun to watch bad guy. I love how they close seasons and don’t really leave you hanging. I’m going to miss the one character but honestly I felt they weren’t adding anything other than annoyance and binding Dexter. Now he’s free to do as he pleases which should make for better TV. Hate to see this character go.

A final thing that bothers the hell out of me. When you are shooting at a trashcan from either far away or from a weird angle and it bounces off the rim. This causes you to get up and waste time putting it in properly. There is a feeling of satisfaction from shooting trash in the trash can from all places. But missing is such a bothersome feeling to me. I honestly will give a “motherfucker” if I brick it because of the nuisance that follows. I think if someone had a shooting game and attached it to a trashcan you would have a huge seller. If someone steals this idea, just give me some credit of where it originated.

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Monday Morning

I’ll write a post to give people something to do for a few minutes on the worst day of the week.

I went Mad River on Friday with hopes of scoring the bartenders number. If you’ve read anything I wrote before I told her last Sunday I’d take her out on Wednesday. I put her number in my phone wrong and didn’t contact her. So I go in on Friday trying to get her to fix the number in my phone. So I see her, tell her I’m sorry I stood her up but I had her number in my phone wrong. She looks at the number says something like “so close” and then tells me to try back later. Obviously realizing she now holds all power of the digits and decides to play hard to get. She’s at the bar and I’m at a table so the best time to talk to her is after finishing my drink. So one time I go up and say I’d like a rum and coke and also a date tomorrow night. My friend told me the line and it seemed pretty good. She thought it was funny but wouldn’t give in. Then my other friend, trying to be smooth, goes up and asks her “is Tom creeping you out?” This genius is my wingman? After such a moronic question I have to call him out in this post. Even after the retarded question she replies no which was at a fine answer for a potential disastrous question. To make a long story short I didn’t get her number because she was being difficult. She ended up giving us some free shots so it’s not like things went badly, they just didn’t end with a great success like advertised. So I’ll be down the shore starting on Thursday so I won’t get another opportunity but I think that’s probably a good thing. This girl is literally a dime or at least and nickel and 4 pennies so a challenge is probably necessary.

In other news, our Oreland team won a game. We were up 21-7 at one point. They narrowed the lead to 4 or 5 and we ended up winning by 10 or so. I didn’t play too well but anytime your team wins and an individual doesn’t do well you just say “it’s a team game.” We play again tonight at 9 with hopes of another w.

A final thought. I’ve been wearing contacts for 10+ years now and I still can’t figure out which side is the right way to put them in. Most mornings I just randomly look at the contact and just put it in. Lately they have been scratching my eyes when I put them in and I have to keep taking them out and putting them in time after time. I’m considering Lasik but honestly having a laser beam in my eye doesn’t seem like something I’m willing to chance. Summer vacation is starting soon.

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