We lost our bball game by 27 or so last night. The early line came out at 32 so we entered cover city. It’s just getting embarrassing but at least it’s almost over with 1 more game and then a playoff game.

I went to sleep at 10pm last night which is a rarity. I’m usually up to 2 so I was happy to get a good nights rest. For some reason I woke up 4 times during the night which I think starts to happen more often the older you get. I was having some weird ass dreams but I have, what I expect to be common, a problem remembering them.

I was going back over my old posts from when I used to post on blogspot.com. I might start posting a couple of the better ones from back then just to archive them on this new domain name. It will also add more material for when people check this website more than once a day. I really only add a new post once a day so maybe doing that will help me increase the traffic.

What I noticed from my old posts though is that I’ve learned how to write about more what people want to read. I used to write about specific poker hands and specific bets I made but I don’t think anyone really cares. If this were a blog pertaining to poker hands and poker hands only, then you would get that type of visitor. But I think the people that visit this website want to know more what I do. Not that I’m the messiah, but I think pretty highly of myself.

I actually think there is a problem with you if you don’t think highly of yourself. Evan and Chad have won 15 dollars off of Jill and I in quarters the last two weekends but I still think I’m the best. It shouldn’t matter who my partner is because the shot glass should never leave my side (that’s not a low blow either because I know she plays well). I think my taste in music is the best. If I tell you to listen to a song it’s because it’s a good song, in my opinion and my opinion is always right in my mind. I told Jeff that me, him, and Sam have such an advantage over pretty much any normal person because our endurance is so much better than the avg person. We don’t get tired playing bball or any other event that requires running. I’m not an ego maniac either, I know I have weaknesses. I can’t hit a jump shot but you don’t see me firing up 3’s with no regard.

The point is that with everything I do I try to do it the best that I can. I’m not saying I’m always going to be the best (I will always think this in quarters) but it’s helpful to the psyche and to the progression of success. I wrote this real quick before work so I have to wrap this up. Mad River tonight. I thought the drunk post last Friday was pretty good so we’ll see if I can repeat.