We lost our bball game and that was pretty much the last chance we had at winning a game. It came down to overtime which was iffy to begin with. Bake had a heave from a little inside mid court that hit the rim and gingerly fell into my hands and I threw it up with no one around. Problem was there were 3 seconds on the clock to begin the play so what happened was the time keeper was probably snoozing. It didn’t matter as we got rolled in overtime. We can just look at this as a rebuilding year. Problem is we are all getting older and slower and the skills are decaying. Oh well.

I went to CVS and bought a new toothbrush because I knocked mine on the floor and for some reason I just don’t like the idea of putting it back in my mouth. I don’t really see washing it under the faucet as a sure fire cleaning method. So I went a little crazy and bought a battery operated spinning one. I was delightfully impressed after the first use and wonder why I hadn’t switched years ago. Usually I just ladi-da my way through brushing to get it over with but this new brush made it fun and exciting. I felt like the brush was doing a better job. I actually want to go to the dentist to finally show that I’m flossing now and look how clean my teeth are. Completely lame I know but for 10 dollars I have gained that amount in happiness dollars.

I want to take a paragraph and discuss happiness dollars. They are not real money. You can’t buy anything with happiness dollars. The classic example of happiness dollars can be explained with the wagon and fantasy football. If you know the wagon you know he gets over the top with fantasy football. You also know he has a strong affiliation towards money. At one point in the season he was ready to sell his team for 20 dollars (league fee of 40) to me because he already had made the playoffs but was certain he was going to lose so he wanted to hedge his bet (he ended up winning his game anyway). What he wasn’t taking into consideration was the amount of these so called happiness dollars that he was throwing away by not being able to root for his team. Happiness dollars actually have more value than regular dollars. You can always earn more regular dollars but the key to life is to earn as many happiness dollars in life as you can. I actually see this as a premise for a self help book.

I also want to bring up another good point from my other roommate Evan. We were talking about getting a case of Guinness, Jameson, and Bailey’s for car bombs over the weekend. This discussion led to the infamous night of the Wagon and the Boys of Summer. He did 9 car bombs, a couple of tequila shots, and then we put him away in the car, (while we partied on) and he ended up puking all over my mom’s car. He has since sworn off hard alcohol. What he isn’t understanding is these happiness dollars that were involved in that night. For this story to continue to be told for years after it already occurred is what happiness dollars are all about. By getting out of control and having stories that will last a lifetime, this is more important than trying to live by the book and swearing off hard liquor. Just remember you aren’t going to be forever young (alphaville) and finding happiness dollars while you still can has to be top priority.

Aside from my life philosophies I just want to touch on a product that tilts me.

This interface just makes my head explode. First off, everything seems to take just an extra second to load. Also, I was trying to use a gift card to deposit some funds (it didn’t work) and I was going through forms using tab and the software would tab me back to the sidebar and then I’d lose all my info and have to start again. Plus, when I have limewire open, Itunes wants to pop up. And another great thing is that Itunes always wants to upgrade and it always wants to install quicktime. I have grown to fucking hate quicktime, I want no piece of anything *.mov. I really have no use for an ipod as I don’t use it to run and I find XM’s randomized music much more fulfilling than songs that I’ve already heard and listened to. I can say that I am an Ihater.

Everyone raves about Apps and how they are revolutionizing the way we live. I saw an app that tells you how far your golf ball is to the hole. I’m sure there are apps that can navigate you to China on a raft. It takes out the guesswork to life. People also become hooked on these game apps. My roommates play eachother in scrabble and lord knows what else they can play. We played Gin on Sunday and it was the least fun game I’ve ever played because they are constantly toying on their Iphones. These phones are like video games. I’ve done the video game phase of my life. I’ve wasted an unbelievable amount of hours on video games. If I could do it over I would have found something else to do more productive like play an instrument or learn a language. I slaughtered countless cows, fragged thousands, beaten hundreds of titles. I’m over this harmless past time and now into alcohol, gambling, and cheap thrills. Pick your poison.

No offense to the iphoners, you know I still like you.