Golf Courses Under Fire

cobbs+creek+nbc10+fireCobbs Creek Burned Down Last Night

Lulu Burned Down on Oct. 18th


Why are golf course country clubs burning down?

luluI’ll take a stab that they are broke and want the insurance money.  Golf courses are the ultimate waste of space.  Huge amount of land that require enormous sums of money to maintain.  Combine that with a game that is too expensive for most people to afford and you have country clubs burning down.  Of course this is insurance fraud but when people get backed into a financial corner, they will do anything.

Yes, I am alive.  Yes, I will continue blogging.  Yes, I needed a break from it.  Sorry for trying to persuade you to start blogging on New Year’s Day, Gourlay.  We all know it’s a past time with little satisfaction.

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First Round of the Year

Golf in PA is tricky because there are about 5 months where inactivity takes place. So when the time comes to get up and start swinging, it’s 0-60. Easter Sunday was the perfect day for a round.

Shee admiring a shot he hit on the green.

Shee admiring a shot he hit on the green.

Shee and I went to Lederach where we felt like we were being over-charged by 10 dollars. For the life of me I can’t understand why a company doesn’t honor their GolfNow price. Either way we embarked on a wind filled round. My very first drive ricocheted off of a wooden stake in the ground which was quite surprising. Shee ripped one down the middle and we were off.

I had a gem putt on 3 for a par but that was about the extent of putting heroics. I was crushing the ball off the tee all day which was pleasantly surprising. I was putting terrible all day and can hardly think of any 2 putts. Shee had a miraculous up and down on a sick flop shot on 7 and his 7 iron bank from the sand was nice on 11.

Lederach Score Card

The rest of the weekend was standard. I bet big on MSU which lost and then even bigger on Wisc so I ended up breaking even. Then Jeff, Pat, Mael and I (this doesn’t sound right) went to Sugarhouse, a concert, and then Sugarhouse again where I won a few dollars. No Sam Stortz money though.

Here was a video of my swing from the weekend.

And the Shee:

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PSU Weekend

I had all day yesterday to post something and didn’t which I know is pretty weak. To start off this long weekend, Ck4 and I booked a 7:36am tee time at Center Square. I decided to take back roads towards the course and this proved slow and I arrived a few minutes before 7:30. Ck4 was already putting and had paid for everything so I got my clubs and shoes and headed straight for the 1st. Ck4 made a comment that my new golf shoes look like Curb Your Enthusiasm shoes which I suppose was meant that I looked like a clown, which they (and me) kind of do. For the 1st shot, Ck4 found the 9th fairway and I blasted one up the chute to get us started. We had absolutely no one ahead of us and cruised through the first 9 in a little over an hour. Ck4 was leading after 5 but quickly gave it away at 6. I was 45 for the front after missing an 18 inch par putt on 9. Ck4 was a respectable 2 back. We stopped at the halfway house because we were getting some rain and I had some breakfast which I needed. The back started with me clipping a sand shot, taking no sand, and recovering for a double. The next noteworthy event was when we both had regulation pars on the hardest hole on the course. Ck4 whiffed his drive on 15 and snowmanned 17 but still kept his game in check. On 18 from about 170 I did this:
This gave me a legit birdie op for an 87 but alas, I missed. Ck4 finished with a 93 and it was an enjoyable round and the way golf should be played. My short game was pretty off but I drove the best I’ve probably ever in my entire life with bomb after bomb in play and on the fairway.

We headed back to UD to pick up Sam G to begin the drive to PSU for the weekend. The whole Boston manhunt was ongoing so that gave us something to discuss and listen to on the way there. We got to PSU at 4 and checked into the house we were staying in. The owner was still cleaning up and informed us that we were taking care of their cat Rosie for the weekend. This proved interesting. The rest of the gang got to the house and we went out to get some food and supplies for the weekend. After some attempts at drinking games we decided to head out to the bars. We went to the Saloon which wasn’t too crowded because it was only 9. I had my first experience of a Monkey Boy and had a decent buzz at that point. We met up with the rest of the group at the Lion’s Den and the campus was starting to fill in with people. We waited in a line to DUO I think for a little while and this was a “club” I guess you’d call it. It was crowded and Sam G found some sort of stage and was laying down moves which was probably the highlight. I remember leaving with a few people and getting food and then going back to the house. I’m not sure I have anything of considerable interest from those late houres but I don’t think I can recall it exactly anyhow.

We woke up on Saturday morning and started throwing a few back. After some bizarre weather and what I believe was sleet, we went back in town to a bar to watch some of the “blue/white” game which was of no interest to anyone. After a car bomb and some beers at Cafe 210 we headed to the EndZone to score some touchdowns. This was an interesting experience that I won’t go into detail and after a Chick-Fil-a dinner I was pretty beat from the day. I passed out at 10 and woke up 2:30 but missed the bar for this night which was weak on my part but after some of my incidents in the past, I don’t force bad ideas on my own behalf. I know I’m probably missing some details of this trip but I think a general recap is sufficient. We drove back early on Sunday where I pretty much used the day to get my head back on straight. No incidents to report and everyone had a fine time. If anyone wants to expand on this you can use the comments.

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I’ll Have Another Round

This was a pretty fun weekend. Ck4 came down on Friday afternoon to hang out because he had to catch a plane on Saturday morning and we are close to the airport. We taxied to Xfinity Live to watch the Phillies home opener. We met up with some people and it was an enjoyable experience. I will add that after securing a table after a ballgame, it was a bad idea to get up and leave because there is no returning. The night was fairly standard with us going out in Philly although sending CK4 to the Stortz building without the alarm code was moronic by me. Alcohol and planning don’t go together.

I woke up on Saturday feeling pretty out of it. Jeff and a few others were looking to play basketball at noon which was too early and I passed on that opportunity. The rest of the day was spent playing N64 and watching the basketball games with Shee and Evan. Jkash spent the night and I’m sure he’ll read this with approval because the only time he says I write a good entry is when his name appears. I woke up on Sunday and drove him back and slept for 2 more hours until Jeff and Steve got back. Pat showed up later and we were preparing for our golf round which proved to be the highlight of the weekend.

Jeff booked a tee time for 3:09 at Riverwinds which is only 20 minutes away from where we live and probably the nearest, best, public course. None of us had hit a golf ball this season so we wanted to arrive early and shag a few balls. There was no driving range so we hit a few balls into a net and wearily made out way to the first tee box. The wind was pretty severe and the first hole is a long par 5 that was intimidating to say the least. I rocketed one down the middle, Pat shanked one left, Steve hit a missile which shocked everyone, and Jeff duck hooked one in the drink. I think we were all pretty pleased for at least making contact. The odd thing about the day is that neither Jeff or Steve had eaten anything all day and I only had a bowl of chicken noodle soup. The cart girl ran out of hot dogs and we didn’t see her for the entire round. Even with everyone not feeling great physically, we trudged through the round and had a good time. By 18 we were complete spent and eagerly anticipated a luxurious meal at the Riverwinds restaurant. We were a bit out of place in the restaurant but it hit the spot and that concluded our Sunday.

I know most people don’t care but here is my review of The Riverwinds course. First of all, it didn’t look like this which was to be expected in early April.

The course was really dry when we played and the wind was absolutely noticeable. We played from the whites and I found it to be relatively short under the conditions. I was going driver, high iron most of the time into the greens but from the blues I’m sure this would be different. I hit the ball pretty good all day but even my bad drives were making it able to get the green in regulation. The greens were slick but ran true. I putted extremely well for the first round out and only gave away 2 strokes on short putts. I lost a total of 3 balls which should give some indication of how open the course is. Hole 17 is a tricky little hole that was marked at 115. It is downhill and the wind was really gusting in our face. I assumed the downhill would compensate for the wind so I hit my sand wedge and it popped up in the air and probably went a total of 60 yards plopping into the shit. I think this course would be much nicer once it flushes out because the ball was rolling like crazy in this condition. All in all I think the course played well. I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

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Necess for Excess

This was one of my more memorable weekends with the American Odyssey relay taking place described below. After that relay I got home at around midnight and woke up around 7 am so I could play golf with the Shee. We payed 75 bucks to play Lederach in Harleysville. The price seems pretty steep but it truly is a well kept course. We played from green tee boxes and the course isn’t properly marked with distance from the tee box to the greens which I will discuss in depth further on. The first hole pretty much set the stage for the rest of the day. Shee hit a nice drive down the center of the fairway about 50 yards out and I hit a bomb that went way over the green (a par 4 and yes marked incorrectly on the score card). Shee ended up with a 6 and I got up and down for a par after taking an OB stroke. I was even par through 4 holes and then sort of hit some bad shots on easy holes to finish with a 45 on the front. My driver was clearly working though and I had multiple drives on par 4’s that led to 25 yard chip shots to the green. My back nine was even better and even after hitting 2 balls in the drink on 18, I finished with a 43 for an 88. I had a tee shot on a 185 yard par 3 that I put within 6 feet and also a birdie on 17 which was the 2nd for the round. I played really well that I caught the golf bug.

In a move that I’m sure not everyone would do, I called Bala golf course, a private course, and asked if I could play a round because I was interested in possibly joining the course. The person working the pro shop told me to come over which I did. He let me off on the 10th tee for absolutely nothing. I walked the 18 holes in around 3 hours which is the proper way to play golf. The course was only a par 68, 5300 yards but an absolute doozy of a course. Everything is absurdly tight, the greens are tiny, and there is no forgiveness. I found myself punching out and hitting out of sand more than ever. I had one par on the entire 18 and finished with a respectable 99. Playing by yourself is also a little different as you get a lot of time to think while walking around the course. It was a lot of fun and playing 36 holes in one day (after completely 17 miles in 1+ days) has me beat tired. Nevertheless this was one of my more promising weekends with a few memorable things in my life.

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Huntingdon Valley Golf Course

Huntingdon Valley golf course is one of the premier private courses in our area. I believe the “C” course is regarded as one of the most challenging around. I had the wonderful opportunity of playing there on Tuesday afternoon, the “A” & “B” course. I know some people aren’t interested in golf but if you’ve read this far than maybe you care enough to continue reading. This was my 2nd time playing this course and I’d rate it an 9 out of 10. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10 is because I don’t like to give out 10’s. The course, playing partners, pace, and how I played were all absolutely perfect. I hit the ball well off the tee and hardly hit any really terrible shots. I finished with a 93 and even blew a few shots in the sand and on various holes. The putting on this course is unbelievable. If I didn’t have my personal caddie telling me where to put I’d probably have been 10 shots higher at least. The way you land the ball on an area of the green and it rolls towards the hole is completely different than public courses. I just enjoyed myself to such a high level that it makes me want to get a country club membership and play as often as possible. Our round was 3.5 hours which was just about perfect. I’m going to stop raving and just close by saying it was awesome and a huge thank you to the Schmidts for the awesome invite.

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Wyncote Golf Course – Holy Heather!

On Friday, Bake, the Shee, Ck4 and myself all decided to head to Oxford to play Wyncote Golf Course. This course holds some different invitationals and is also the place they hold High School districts in the Eastern PA area. It was about an hour from where we are in PA and the drive is pretty slow if you take US 1. We probably should have gone the blue route most of the way but we were following the GPS. The Shee managed to get a speeding ticket on the way there so for anyone reading this, you’ve been warned. At a ridiculously cheap price of 41 bucks at 11:24 on a Friday, we were pretty pleased.

The course was crowded but we still managed a little over 4 hour round. We played from the white tees and I think that measured something around 6,000 yards. The picture below is going to represent my biggest peeve with the course.

Whether you call it fescue or heather or cocksucking motherfucker, it’s everywhere. Probably on every hole you’ll find this high grass that gobbles up your ball. I don’t really blame the course for this. If you keep your ball on all the fairways and are close to the greens, you’ll be fine. Start to stray though and you’ll have a round like I had Friday. In total I lost more than 12 golf balls. This amounts to 12 penalty strokes and makes your score balloon. This makes the course frustrating and I was knee high walking through the grass all day. Nevertheless, I still think this is a good course at a tremendous value at 41 dollars. I wish I would have played better but I think I was about 108. The heather even had Bake come undone for a hole carding a 9 on a par 4 which is uncharacteristic. Ck4 managed a 10 when he was hitting from heather to heather and the Shee played the best out of all of us keeping the ball on the course. The course is well kept and the holes are challenging. I would like another shot at it but I wouldn’t make the hour drive to do so.

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Cape May National Course Review

cape may national

CK4 and I took off work on Friday to drive down to the shore to play Cape May National. It was about an hour and a half with no traffic from Philly. The rate was $65 bucks and we teed of at 1:15. Twilight rates are 50 bucks after 2:30. My first issue with the course was the prices for drinks, food and range balls. 6+ dollars for range balls and 3.75 for a hot dog. We got there at 12:30 and so hoping to get off early but the course was pretty crowded for a Friday midday. We hit some balls and practiced on their enormous practice green which is a real treat because you can chip on it. The staff was borderline incompetent and for some bizarre reason they have a shortage of golf carts. As people finished 18 they would drive to the starter, he’d wash the car (for no reason) and than send off the next group. We had a 1:16 tee time and teed off about 15 minutes late knowing that it was going to be a slow round.

Aside from those little nuisances the course is in fantastic shape. Green fairways, greener greens and this is even with a lack of rain. Another point to note was that there wasn’t even a 90 degree rule and your cart couldn’t leave the cart path which makes the round a tad slower. We played from the blue tees and there is even a set of black tees. The blues played tougher than the whites as it added about 600 yards and was right near 6,600 which makes for some long holes. I won’t go hole for hole but this course really makes you hit good shots. The holes are challenging and as our playing partner Lou said “you’ll be making a lot of donations to the golf course in the way of golf balls.” This proved true as I think I probably lost a half dozen balls but found another dozen. We shot 98 and 101 which wasn’t so hot but if you aren’t keeping the ball straight you are going to be adding strokes to your score. I actually was at 38 on the back coming to hole 18 but got a 9 to blow it up. After 18 we played a few more holes but it’s a pretty draining course. On one of the par 5’s on the back I had a nice drive up the chute and than a 4 iron that had me within 15 feet for eagle. Naturally I flew it too far past, missed the birdie, and than missed the par put. I hit the ball pretty well but still too inconsistent to put up any good number. Overall I’d give the course a 9 out of 10 in terms of difficulty and fairness but my real rating drops to an 8 with everything considered (cart path, value). I think at 65 bucks it’s reasonably priced for a shore course.

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Bella Vista Golf Course Review

Ck4 and I drove to Gilbertsville to play Bella Vista. We’ve played here once before so I had an idea of what to expect. We payed 47 dollars for a 1 o’clock tee-time. They wanted to charge me $65 but I said their website was broken which allows you to play twilight at regular hours. We got off without a hitch and played from the blue tees which were 6,400 yards. The starter was pretty friendly but the guy at the register was giving me attitude because the site wasn’t working and he didn’t want to charge only $47. Anyway, we started off with an 8 and a 9 on hole one which was pretty sad. It’s a long Par 5 with and we both got off the tee but I flubbed two shots due to a tough side hill lie and then flew one out of bounds into white stakes. I dropped up by the green immediately tarnishing the round. After that I struck fire going 3 over for 7 holes and doubling 9 for a 43 in. Ck4 was 54. I was putting drives in the fairway and the holes were playing driver/wedge. The back nine opens with a par 5 which I flew a 325 yard drive down the middle only to flub the approach shot for my first real bad shot of the day. My tee shot on 11 was errant and I flew on OB on 12. I got it together with a few pars and a bogey until 16 where I tee’d off into someones house. I closed 18 with a double for a 47 on the back. Ck4 was 43 on the back for a nice turn around.

That put me at a 90 from the furthest tee’s on a pretty tough course. We finished the round in 2 hours 45 minutes for a round of speed golf. I think we played the back in a little over an hour with no one on the course. My main gripe for the course is lack of yardage markers. They have a 150 stake on every hole and I guess they feel that’s a good enough indicator. The 14th is the signature hole at the top of this post. It’s pretty intimidating. They didn’t let us play again after we finished and wanted to charge us 25 dollars for a replay which was annoying. As long as you keep the ball in play, this course is pretty fair. I thought the course was in very good shape and the value at 47 dollars is about right. Time of play was tremendous but I doubt it’s always like that. I do recommend this course though as one of the nicer courses I’ve played. Challenging as well. 8.5 out of 10, edging up to a 9.

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Hickory Valley Golf Course

CK4 and I played Hickory Valley on Saturday afternoon. I went to Dick’s on Friday and bought a new set of irons and a new Driver so this was my first time using the new set. The Pro at Dicks’s was really helpful and got me hooked up for what I considered a good value. Anyway, the course is out in Gilbertsville which was about a 45 minutes drive. There are 36 holes and for a course which is in pretty good condition, it was unbelievably priced at 26 dollars with a cart. We were on the “ambassador” course which is the lower end of the two. The course is pretty tight and the holes were pretty average. We played from the tips which was still on 6300 yards. This being the first time I played with my driver, I couldn’t get off the tee at all and it proved difficult to score. Ck4 hit the ball well for a 90, I was 97.

The real fun began after the first 18. It was 4 o’clock and drizzling and we jumped on the Presidential course. This course is usually $36 after 3 but free worked for us. After 18 holes, Ck4 and I were pretty warmed up and ready to go. I would recommend this Presidential course. The holes are way more open and very well laid out. Through the first 18 I was hooking driver after driver but I got it together and started hitting some bombs on this 3rd nine. We played 1, then 11, 12, 13, then played 2-10 playing 2-3 twice because the group ahead of us was slow. At one stretch CK4 and I put on 7 pars, 2 bogeys and a birdie in 5 holes. We didn’t have to wait at all and it was a lot of fun. I’d really like to see what 14-18 looked like but I really thought it was a fun time. The ambassador course is probably a 6.5 and the Presidential an 8.5. If you look at if from a value standpoint it’s easily a 10 out 10. Even the time wasn’t terrible as it took us about 4 hours 15 minutes and we had to wait almost every hole.

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