Golf in PA is tricky because there are about 5 months where inactivity takes place. So when the time comes to get up and start swinging, it’s 0-60. Easter Sunday was the perfect day for a round.

Shee admiring a shot he hit on the green.

Shee admiring a shot he hit on the green.

Shee and I went to Lederach where we felt like we were being over-charged by 10 dollars. For the life of me I can’t understand why a company doesn’t honor their GolfNow price. Either way we embarked on a wind filled round. My very first drive ricocheted off of a wooden stake in the ground which was quite surprising. Shee ripped one down the middle and we were off.

I had a gem putt on 3 for a par but that was about the extent of putting heroics. I was crushing the ball off the tee all day which was pleasantly surprising. I was putting terrible all day and can hardly think of any 2 putts. Shee had a miraculous up and down on a sick flop shot on 7 and his 7 iron bank from the sand was nice on 11.

Lederach Score Card

The rest of the weekend was standard. I bet big on MSU which lost and then even bigger on Wisc so I ended up breaking even. Then Jeff, Pat, Mael and I (this doesn’t sound right) went to Sugarhouse, a concert, and then Sugarhouse again where I won a few dollars. No Sam Stortz money though.

Here was a video of my swing from the weekend.

And the Shee: