I had all day yesterday to post something and didn’t which I know is pretty weak. To start off this long weekend, Ck4 and I booked a 7:36am tee time at Center Square. I decided to take back roads towards the course and this proved slow and I arrived a few minutes before 7:30. Ck4 was already putting and had paid for everything so I got my clubs and shoes and headed straight for the 1st. Ck4 made a comment that my new golf shoes look like Curb Your Enthusiasm shoes which I suppose was meant that I looked like a clown, which they (and me) kind of do. For the 1st shot, Ck4 found the 9th fairway and I blasted one up the chute to get us started. We had absolutely no one ahead of us and cruised through the first 9 in a little over an hour. Ck4 was leading after 5 but quickly gave it away at 6. I was 45 for the front after missing an 18 inch par putt on 9. Ck4 was a respectable 2 back. We stopped at the halfway house because we were getting some rain and I had some breakfast which I needed. The back started with me clipping a sand shot, taking no sand, and recovering for a double. The next noteworthy event was when we both had regulation pars on the hardest hole on the course. Ck4 whiffed his drive on 15 and snowmanned 17 but still kept his game in check. On 18 from about 170 I did this:
This gave me a legit birdie op for an 87 but alas, I missed. Ck4 finished with a 93 and it was an enjoyable round and the way golf should be played. My short game was pretty off but I drove the best I’ve probably ever in my entire life with bomb after bomb in play and on the fairway.

We headed back to UD to pick up Sam G to begin the drive to PSU for the weekend. The whole Boston manhunt was ongoing so that gave us something to discuss and listen to on the way there. We got to PSU at 4 and checked into the house we were staying in. The owner was still cleaning up and informed us that we were taking care of their cat Rosie for the weekend. This proved interesting. The rest of the gang got to the house and we went out to get some food and supplies for the weekend. After some attempts at drinking games we decided to head out to the bars. We went to the Saloon which wasn’t too crowded because it was only 9. I had my first experience of a Monkey Boy and had a decent buzz at that point. We met up with the rest of the group at the Lion’s Den and the campus was starting to fill in with people. We waited in a line to DUO I think for a little while and this was a “club” I guess you’d call it. It was crowded and Sam G found some sort of stage and was laying down moves which was probably the highlight. I remember leaving with a few people and getting food and then going back to the house. I’m not sure I have anything of considerable interest from those late houres but I don’t think I can recall it exactly anyhow.

We woke up on Saturday morning and started throwing a few back. After some bizarre weather and what I believe was sleet, we went back in town to a bar to watch some of the “blue/white” game which was of no interest to anyone. After a car bomb and some beers at Cafe 210 we headed to the EndZone to score some touchdowns. This was an interesting experience that I won’t go into detail and after a Chick-Fil-a dinner I was pretty beat from the day. I passed out at 10 and woke up 2:30 but missed the bar for this night which was weak on my part but after some of my incidents in the past, I don’t force bad ideas on my own behalf. I know I’m probably missing some details of this trip but I think a general recap is sufficient. We drove back early on Sunday where I pretty much used the day to get my head back on straight. No incidents to report and everyone had a fine time. If anyone wants to expand on this you can use the comments.