Ck4 and I drove to Gilbertsville to play Bella Vista. We’ve played here once before so I had an idea of what to expect. We payed 47 dollars for a 1 o’clock tee-time. They wanted to charge me $65 but I said their website was broken which allows you to play twilight at regular hours. We got off without a hitch and played from the blue tees which were 6,400 yards. The starter was pretty friendly but the guy at the register was giving me attitude because the site wasn’t working and he didn’t want to charge only $47. Anyway, we started off with an 8 and a 9 on hole one which was pretty sad. It’s a long Par 5 with and we both got off the tee but I flubbed two shots due to a tough side hill lie and then flew one out of bounds into white stakes. I dropped up by the green immediately tarnishing the round. After that I struck fire going 3 over for 7 holes and doubling 9 for a 43 in. Ck4 was 54. I was putting drives in the fairway and the holes were playing driver/wedge. The back nine opens with a par 5 which I flew a 325 yard drive down the middle only to flub the approach shot for my first real bad shot of the day. My tee shot on 11 was errant and I flew on OB on 12. I got it together with a few pars and a bogey until 16 where I tee’d off into someones house. I closed 18 with a double for a 47 on the back. Ck4 was 43 on the back for a nice turn around.

That put me at a 90 from the furthest tee’s on a pretty tough course. We finished the round in 2 hours 45 minutes for a round of speed golf. I think we played the back in a little over an hour with no one on the course. My main gripe for the course is lack of yardage markers. They have a 150 stake on every hole and I guess they feel that’s a good enough indicator. The 14th is the signature hole at the top of this post. It’s pretty intimidating. They didn’t let us play again after we finished and wanted to charge us 25 dollars for a replay which was annoying. As long as you keep the ball in play, this course is pretty fair. I thought the course was in very good shape and the value at 47 dollars is about right. Time of play was tremendous but I doubt it’s always like that. I do recommend this course though as one of the nicer courses I’ve played. Challenging as well. 8.5 out of 10, edging up to a 9.