I was hurting after our 2v2 basektball games to the point that I haven’t worked out since last Friday. Going 4 days without exercise is pretty unusual for me but I was feeling strain every time I made a move so it wasn’t happening.

I’ll update the fantasy football season now that it has concluded. I was in 2 finals and ended up winning one and losing the other. The one I won was the bigger of the 2 leagues and my first championship in 7 years (with 3 runner ups). So I was pretty pleased to take that down. The following story is how I lost the other one:

On December 23rd, I went to the Sugarhouse to play cards until 3 in the morning. I woke up at 10am on Christmas Eve to make sure Jordan Reed was out of my lineup. The following text conversation occurred.

For some inexplicable reason I took Adam’s wind message to heart. I look back at that moment in time and have no clue what I was thinking. I exchanged Clay for Hunter Henry who went for a goose egg. How I could think that moving to a 2nd string TE on the Chargers was better than Charles Clay in the wind still boggles my mind. The story moves in an odder path as I was playing Adam’s brother, who told Adam that there was wind in Buffalo. Now I can’t possibly say that Adam wasn’t trying to be helpful but the whole turn of events was bizarre as I only had Clay on my roster to play. I picked up Hunter Henry at 10:40 on that same morning as Reed and Clay were my only options.

I included the idiot on top who is making moves with nothing to play for.

That ended up costing me about 300 dollars as Evan and I were playing a winner take all. I don’t know what to say other than it’s peculiar how it played out.

The Dynasty was won by Adam. Great win with a cupcake schedule and then teams putting up 84 and 81 in the playoffs. The Turkeys only scored 101, 127, and 133 during the playoff weeks WITHOUT EVEN SETTING A LINEUP. If I had the same schedule as the Shee, I’d have made the playoffs and scored in the top 3 the final 3 weeks. Just the way the cookie crumbles but where is the justice?

Other than that the new year is coming and these days are weird to me. Nothing is happening at work and I’m not sure what I should be doing.