The Favorite to Tweet Ratio

Twitter-StarFavoriting a tweet is a nice way of giving a thumbs up to what you like. You can favorite tweets that are in your feed or favorite tweets that are sent directly at you. Getting a tweet favorited by the person you send it to is a huge overlooked element to why Twitter is popular. What is shows is that the person actually interacts with you which makes you feel special. Feeling special has an earthly aura that is indescribable except using the words earthly aura. I’ve taken 7 personalities ranging from various industries and broke down their interaction with their fans by creating a Favorite to Tweet ratio.


The Twitter Personalities

Howard Stern – King of All Media aka @howardstern
Joined February 2011 – 5,179 Favorites, 2,756 Tweets

Howard Stern Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – 1.87.  This is pretty interactive considering how busy his day must be.  The key to Howard’s success is his interaction with his fan base and this shows some dedication to staying involved.  I have a feeling someone helps maintain his account because with America’s Got Talent and all the people that rely on him, I don’t think Tweeting is his top priorty.  I would tweet a lot too though if I had 1.57 million followers.  When Howard Tweets, people listen.


Madison Ivy – Queen of the Nude Selfie aka @madison420ivy
Joined October 2009 –  3,423 Favorites,   4,800 Tweets

Madison Ivy Twitter
Favorite to Tweet Ratio – .71 – A pornstar should interact with the people that masturbate to them.  She tweets mostly pictures of her naked or smoking weed which is pretty sinful but I enjoy it because she’s truly being herself.  I’ve followed some pornstars in the past and usually unfollow them for lack of interest but she keeps me up, to date.


Katy Perry – Queen of the Katy Cats aka @katyperry
Joined February 2009 – 855 Favorites, 5,990 Tweets

Katy Perry Twitter
Favorite to Tweet Ratio – .14    The thing with Katy is that she doesn’t need Twitter.  She performs in front of 30,000 people on a nightly basis which is about as interactive as it gets.  This low ratio shows she is all about self promotion but she’s doing it to interact.  She seems to be a good person with her philanthropy and I read her article in Rolling Stone and she seems all there.  I find her Twitter game pretty bad and rarely see anything out of her feed that I like. Her Instagram account though is another story.


Jim Cramer – Mad Money aka @jimcramer
Joined March 2008 – 3,521 Favorites, 44.7k Tweets

Jim Cramer Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – .08    Cramer joined Twitter earlier than anyone else on this list which shows his advanced thinking towards technology.  His ratio is a very deceptive number because Cramer’s tweets are actually all about helping people invest.  Technically, his Tweets should also be counted towards his favorites.   He is a human being who has embraced Twitter as a means of connection and more power to him because he understands the potential it has.


Johnny Manziel – Johnny Football aka @JManziel2
Joined July 2011 – 701 Favorites, 3,724 Tweets

Manziel Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – .18  I’d perceive Johnny as egotistical as they come and this number is actually much higher than I’d think it would be.  The fact that he favorites anything surprises me.  If you aren’t on the money team, you aren’t qualified to hang with Johnny.  I just started following him so my sample size is small but I’d guess he tweets about himself and hanging with other famous people.


McKayla Maroney – Ms. Not Impressed aka @mckaylamaroney
Joined September 2011  9,485 Favorites, 4,515 Tweets

McKayla Maroney Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – 2.1  If you follow McKayla on Twitter you’d know there is a buzz about her intentions.  Some argue she knows she’s gorgeous and plays coy for the camera and others say she is just a kid.  The one thing undeniable are her pictures are steaming.  She’s also on the younger side so she is more with how the younger generation tweets.  This amazing 2.1x favorite to tweet ratio is tremendous interaction with fans and I think she pretty much embraces celebrity status without even trying that hard.


Jonah Hill – Mr. “Suck My Dick, Faggot” aka @jonahhill
Joined February 2011 –  1 Favorite, 1,587 Tweets

Jonah Hill Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – 6.3 e-4  Not much to say on the worst ratio in the history of Twitter (this is unverified but has to be close).  I’ve heard interviews with him on Howard Stern and how he says he comes off the wrong way in the media.  He does seem like a genuinely good guy but it’s hard to look past the favorite number.  He either doesn’t care about other people or is doing it on purpose.  Probably the latter but I’m unsure of the reason.  Maybe I’ll tweet at him and get it favorited!




Everyone likes having their tweets favorited and it shows something about your character how often you do it.  Any ratio that gets to be 1:1 is phenomenal.  It shows you tweet as much as you interact which is probably ideal.  Anything above that starts entering the you favorite everything category which means the favorite starts to lose meaning.  Anything under means you are selfish or don’t like anything.  Just kidding, it just means you don’t know the power of the favorite.  My 52 favorites to 793 tweets is pretty pathetic for someone spear heading a ratio but until I had someone else favorite my tweet in recent days, I didn’t understand.  Now you do.  If you read this post and like it, how about a comment or a follow.   Interaction takes the cake.

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Getting Karma, Re-Tweets, and Likes

reddit_upvote_wallpaper_by_kage_kaldaka-d5pxfjrI’m pretty much an expert on not getting any response to anything I do through websites. Years and years of lackluster blog comments, negative Twitter followers, unfavorable Karma scores on Reddit, and Facebook posts that nobody sees put me in a good position to write this post. My expectations for every post, comment, or tweet is that it goes mainstream. Every boy and girl across the world is going to want to be my friend or follow every move I do. Amazingly this hasn’t happened yet. With that in mind, I’ll share some thoughts on what to do to become known for comments.  Take it from me, I got a tweet favorited twice and had 1 retweet last night from random people.


Social Media Comment Tips

Speed of light iStockphoto_COSMOS Science MagazineBe First – This one is so key that I have to make it first.  Commenting on posts the second they appear or tweeting live is crucial to getting noticed.  It’s rare when people will dig through the comments to see what the best ones are.  If you ever use Reddit or Barstool, you’d know that the best comments (the ones with the most upvotes) get shown at the very top.  This is actually a very good system because the readers are good judges and the cream rises to the top.  The best chance to get the most upvotes is to be there the longest.  I would say there is probably a 15-30 minute window of commenting on a “new” post to get recognized.

blog-tip-from-probloggerCreative Title – The title is tricky.  I’ve never noticed a difference between what I think is a good title and  a bad title in my blog posts.  This could be because I’ve never created a good title.  The title though is the difference between something that gets looked at on Reddit or overlooked.  The title draws you in to the post.   The whole, “don’t read this,” or “you’ve gotta watch this,” probably work better than I think.  Anytime your title makes you think of sex, you did it right.

Write Truth – Comments that get the highest ratings are the ones that describe what people are thinking the best.  People need to read your comment and say, “that’s exactly what I was thinking, I couldn’t have put it better myself.”  And more accurately, “that’s exactly what I was thinking, and you put it way better than I would have.”  Or even more true, “I’m not that smart to make a comment that is that creative.”  Comments say what you are thinking concisely and accurately.

Reaction Gifs – Reaction gifs have grown on me.  When you can pinpoint a reaction in Gif format, you strike gold.  Words are great but a picture is worth a thousand words.  And a moving Gif is worth more than a picture so that’s like a million words.  Reaction links can score so high on the comment meter that it’s important to seek out good reaction gifs and store them in a folder.  Here is the subreddit in case you are too lazy to know where to look.  Many gems in here.


After reading this post, you should feel like this when making comments.


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My Favorite Website is Red…Google

lens1594783_1288563617Web_Design_Tips_for_BeginWhat I Look for in a Website

Consistency – A site has to be updated regularly if it expects people to visit daily.  Obviously delivering fresh, well written, thought provoking content is important as well.

Few Ads – I’m not an ad snob and I understand that sites have to make money but blatant trickery to get people to click on ads is the most annoying thing a site can do.  It’s not the end all but I  prefer a site that doesn’t care if I sample their work without throwing ads in my face.

Simple Navigation – When I click on a link or button, I shouldn’t be confused where I’m being led.  The less links to get somewhere, the better.  ESPN comes to my mind as I site I’m always getting lost in.

Fuck Slideshows – I refuse to sit through slideshows.  Why sites don’t understand that scrolling down to view more pictures is advantageous to clicking through a fucking slideshow, I won’t understand.  Waiting and clicking through a slideshow is worse than Donald Sterling giving a speech at Howard University.


My Favorite Websites

barstool6. Barstool Sports – I’ve been extremely disappointed by Barstool lately.  This site will be dropping off my list because it’s being diluted with too much useless information.  The bloggers have developed personalities that are bigger than Smitty’s head and the site has overloaded everything that has made it popular.  They have 6 daily local smokeshows.  6?  6 smokeshows!  There are 7 cities reporting now and that leads to more re-posts and a general overflow of nonsense.  I still visit this site but not as much when I truly cared about the Philly section.

facebook-evolution-6405. Facebook – For bashing Facebook as much as I do it’s hard to believe I still check it daily.  I honestly can’t even explain why other than shamelessly self promoting my blog.  I think it’s because it allows me to stay in contact with people who would absolutely vanish from my life otherwise.  I think the real question is why should I care if I girl I went to college with, and who I will never see again, is having a baby?  This information holds a 0.0 on my importance scale.  Facebook is flooded with this but for some reason I still visit.  Probably because I have to compare other people to myself and ultimately decide who is interesting and who is not.

twitter-evolve4. Twitter – My fondness for Twitter is fading slowly.  The inability to get followers is tiresome.  I try tweeting, I try tagging, I try re-tweeting, and I still get nothing.  I think it’s an incredibly powerful platform that people are not utilizing because they are too stupid to understand how to use it.  Not to mention that Tweets have become a credible source of information.  For celebrities, there is no faster way of reaching millions of people instantly.  Twitter is actually something I use on my phone more than my desktop.  It’s the ultimate boredom quencher for a few minutes.

wikipedia13. Wikipedia – I trust Wikipedia for information.  It’s the first source I check for anything in regards to history, music, movies, sports, and other relevant information.  Google obviously considers it a wonderful source as it constantly comes up high in the rankings.  I’m not sure how trusted every single page is with its accuracy but it’s good enough for me.  I don’t know of many sites who are respected in so many areas as Wikipedia is.

606px-Human_evolution_scheme2.  Google – Name one reason Google shouldn’t be #1?  You can’t.  The ability to provide credible websites in a matter of seconds for any search that comes to my brain is the 2nd best invention of this century.  The algorithm to sort by relevance is something that some genius started and it is constantly being tweaked and improved.  If I’m curious about Kate Upton’s boobs, I can pop it into Google and come up with something.  Google in the hub for finding information that is created on the amazing internet (#1 invention).  It is by far my most visited website but more enjoyment is found from my #1.

reddit-logo1. Reddit – This has become my favorite website.  As I first started using Reddit, I would sift through the posts and mindlessly click on things I found interesting.  This brought about an average experience as I thought the memes weren’t that great and some of the culture was geeky.  As I learned how to navigate through the posts a little better and learned about the sub-reddits, I was opened to a fabulous world of creative, witty, smart posts and pictures that draw minds way brighter than mine.

For instance, the sub-reddit of Philadelphia is a better source of info than  A greater variety of articles are posted than a single website and then people who live in the areas actually comment on them.  I even opened up an account for Reddit and got sucked into upvoting and even sharing a link or two.  If a post I write gets notoriety on Reddit, the possibilities are endless.  The comments on the posts are also filled with humor.  Reading the top comment of posts you like is a must because they always deliver.  I think another huge factor is their news is usually the first to hit the internet.  I see reposts on others sites of things posted on Reddit hours before.  Reddit has become my favorite website.


Honorable Mention

Yahoo – It’s late to the punch in just about every instance but I still will check their finance section and their fantasy sports are hands down my favorite.

Grantland – The articles can get too lengthy sometimes but they write about a lot of content I like.

Bansheemann7 & Gourlay’s Goodies – How could I not mention websites that I visit daily?  This 3 person triumvirate will start delivering content that more than 3 people will read in due time.

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Dominique, Pipe Down!

I read an article on Yahoo where Dominique Wilkins was downplaying Lebron’s 61 point performance and calling out that there was no defense and it was against a sub .500 Bobcats team.  You’ll have to find him on Twitter to get each and every Tweet on the subject but here are the key ones.




Warranted Comments?

The real Shack was an NBA Starter

The real Shack was an NBA Starter

What I took from this isn’t Dominique critiquing Lebron’s game which is what the average layman would think.  Nor the odd egotistical nature of Dominique Wilkins thinking he could drop 40 points against any team currently.  It’s his final Tweet which I believe is accurate.  I was a huge basketball fan when guys like Jordan, Barkley, Ewing, and Nique were in their prime.  I was a little kid who didn’t understand basketball like I do now, but I did grow up surrounded by these legends.    With these comments, Nique is pointing out how wide the range of talent on the floor is today which I can’t decide if it was the same as in the 80’s and 90’s when basketball was considered great.  This is the key question when thinking over these comments.  Were the 5 starters on all teams closer in talent than in today’s game?

sfl-miami-heat-lebron-james-mask-s022914-001I would consider myself a Sixers fan if there is such a thing today.  Watching a team lose 15 straight and winning a 100 dollars betting against them the last two nights, I know that the talent on the floor is sad.  Lebron would be a knife cutting through the Sixers defensive butter and could probably score 100 against them if he wanted to.  Does this belittle the fact that he can do it in an NBA game?  I don’t think it does.

If it were so easy to score 61 points in a game, wouldn’t anyone be able to do it?  “After all, it has only happened 31 times for 18 players in the last 51 years — those are numbers that indicate just how difficult and rare the accomplishment is.”  The answer is that even with no defense and below average NBA talent, 99% of the players in the league are not dropping 61 points.

So this brings about, Dominique, why on Earth are you making this a discussion.  Is it to make you feel better about yourself?  When I read articles like this, the only reason I write about them is to point out how stupid it is for 1) to make the comments and 2) to turn them into a story.  When aging stars make ridiculous comments comparing themselves to the present, no one should listen.  Sit back in your recliner and sip a beer while enjoying this unevenly talented NBA.  However, I think it’s fair to say The Human Highlight Film may know a thing or two about basketball.

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Using Twitter To Promote A Website

Twitter has turned into a legitimate source of social media

Twitter has turned into a legitimate source of social media

Yesterday I had a minor Twitter breakthrough that would go unnoticed by my visitors but is a major development to me.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but my posts have had a different focus of late. Instead of writing about things that pop into my head, like 90% of my attempts at shooting trash into trash cans miss or how I hate this frigid weather, I focused on a specific topic that is current and hopefully trending.  This is obviously done to make efforts to gain traffic with Google.  What came as a surprise was what happened yesterday.

I had a post in the works about the 5 best Alt bands which I posted two nights ago.  Knowing that this post would be seen by nobody if I didn’t try something different, I tweeted the link to Madison of the Sirius channel Altnation.  To my excitement, she replied.


A Twitter Breakthrough

What her reply did was send about 150 people from Twitter to my page.  The analytics show that most people didn’t spend much time on the page, which should give an indication of attention span from people on Twitter, but 150 people is 150 people.   This concept worked for a few reasons.

  • Madison has 16k followers which is a nice number in that it’s not too big or too small.
  • The post was specifically targeted at something that she is familiar with considering she is the DJ for Altnation
  • My Tweet asked a question which leaves room for a reply
  • Madison keeps an up to date Twitter account and probably sees everything that comes her way


Twitter Missteps

Twitter is easily misunderstood and comes of as confusing or used incorrectly

Twitter is easily misunderstood and comes of as confusing and used incorrectly

After getting this response from Madison I decided to shoot a bit higher with my two latest posts.  I was on Reddit and noticed the fat kid, SirFedora, who was blowing up on Youtube and figured I’d make a page on his rise to popularity and see if I could tweet at him and have my link snowball. Nothing. Then last night I created the Erin Andrews post spontaneously from a link I saw on Facebook and decided to roll with it.  Erin has 2 million followers and the tweet I constructed basically asked her to read my post and comment on it.  With that many followers, the chance of Erin Andrews reading my tweet is <.00001%.  Fail.

The problem with this strategy is that these posts are straying away from my own creativity and I’m molding posts at what I think is going to get me more traffic.  It’s not that what I’m writing are not my own thoughts, they are just formed around the idea that I’m writing them hoping to get attention.  This idea isn’t the highest form of posting and even though it may generate some results, it isn’t going to take to the next level.  What I’m learning though is what works and what doesn’t.


How To Use Twitter For Website Promotion

Step 1:  The first thing that has to be done is create a page that is original and dedicated to a subject matter that you are knowledgeable about.  Having a good post is key.  Do you think Madison would have replied at all if the post sucked or she wasn’t interested in the material?

Step 2: Targeting the proper people on Twitter to potentially reach a wider audience than you are capable of reaching yourself.  These are people who the post relates to.  If you write a post on fantasy football, target Nathan Zegura or Sigmund Bloom, not Matthew Berry.  Zegura has 49k followers and Bloom 29k, Berry has 590k.  Think about what actually has to happen for this to work.  The targeted person on Twitter has to read your post and then actually reply or retweet your post.  The higher the amount of followers, the more people who are desiring their attention, thus the better chance your post gets lost.

Step 3:  Once you’ve nailed down your targeted celeb or notable person, somewhere in the 10k-100k follower range, construct the tweet.  I think this is the probably the hardest part and one that I have to continue experimenting with.  Asking a question seemed to at least elicit a response whereas asking the person to read the link did not.  I think executing the concept of putting yourself in the reader’s shoes and working on what they’d want to read is what has to be done.  What question or statement would get them to not only think about reading it, but then replying or retweeting.  This is probably a skill that once learned expertly, could be turned into a profession.  Using the hashtag feature of Twitter is also useful.

Step 4: If you are able to get a reply or retweet, it’s time to follow up on people’s comments or tweets and be actively involved in the process of answering or conversing.  I believe in 2014 and learning how to use Twitter as a vehicle of communication and social networking, these are the steps involved to developing a wider audience.


 The Power of Twitter

The highest form of social media in 2014

The highest form of social media in 2014

Twitter isn’t growing as quickly as it should because people are confused about how to use it.  With the #’s, @’s, retweets, difficulty in gaining followers and how to read a conversation, it takes some time to get used to the social network.  One thing is evident though and that’s how many celebrities have taken notice to it and use it exclusively to communicate with their followers. Twitter provides a global identity which no social media does as well.  Facebook brought you together with friends, Twitter brings you to the world.

Wallstreet misunderstands this power and focuses on whether it makes money or not which is short sighted.  Twitter has 241 million active users and I’d assume most people don’t have the proper understanding of how to use it.  As celebrities continue to gain followers and more people are driven to the enjoyment of Twitter, it will grow as the social media powerhouse with revenue potential far exceeding current expectations.  Time will tell.

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Who Clicks On Facebook’s Ads?!?!

FB Chart 1/30/14

FB Chart 1/30/14

Facebook’s stock is up 14% today and at an all time high of $61 dollars a share.  This is quite remarkable considering how much uncertainty there was during the IPO phase.  FB began trading at a price of $30+ dollars in during its May 2012 IPO and then shares tumbled to less than $20 back in Aug of 2012.  Come a year and half later and you have yourself a 3 bagger.  There was always a question of how Facebook was going to make money and mobile advertising is the phrase of the decade.

[pullquote align=”right”]”They know more about their users than any company has ever known about a population.”   [/pullquote]

Facebook & Mobile

Recent reports show that 77% of Facebook’s 1.23 billion person user base browse through their mobile device.  53% of Facebook’s 2.43 billion dollar advertising revenue was gained through mobile.   These are remarkable numbers for a platform that I’ve made claim is outdated and losing followers.

My thinking was that a mature Facebook was being introduced to an older market and that teens would lose interest and Facebook would become unpopular.  This is still primarily true as teens are finding Apps like Snapchat and Whatsapp as preferred methods of communication to Facebook.  However, 757 million people are logging in daily to Facebook which is astronomical.  Even if they are losing teens, they are gaining every other demographic.    What I missed in my predictions is how vast the network of Facebook is on mobile devices.  This passed me because I don’t use it on my mobile.  I’m more of an old school desktop guy and I have to succumb that times are changing.

roger-desktopA desktop is where I prefer to work for reasons such as typing, organization, and efficiency.  The keyboard is essential to me being able to accomplish tasks.  On dual monitors I can keep multiple tabs open and it takes me less time to do everything.  On a mobile device, there is no work, it’s just play.  Considering the majority of the world plays,  it’s not surprising that mobile is where to target in terms of advertising revenue.  I’m surprised how many people use Facebook from their mobile device.  I’m probably just a dinosaur but a tablet with never replace a desktop for me unless it has a keyboard and a big screen.  FB’s mobile numbers shock me but what comes as an even greater shock is the title of this post.



They are so obviously ads and why people want spam ads popping up I don’t understand.    What click happy monkeys are sustaining these amazing ad numbers?  You have to be full blown retard to click on Facebook’s ads.   Here’s what my Facebook screen looks like.



This is insane and there are 10,000 likes on the Zoosk post! I don’t want to be bombarded by ads but obviously other people do. This is why I think Twitter will have future dominance. You don’t see celebrities on TV saying interact with me on my Facebook page. Twitter delivers news in real time and from certified accounts. Tweets are witty, funny, and personalize the social media experience. People of interest actually can respond to you. Once they nail the advertising game, Facebook will be left in the dust. I get the feeling that Facebook is for the masses and the masses are slow to react to everything. Maybe I’m wrong and people will continue to love Facebook on their mobile devices, but I can’t back something with such little substance.

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Facebook Will Fail Because #Twitter


JKash sent me this link from Deadspin about RG3 posting a rant on Facebook wondering why fans cared about the sleeve he wears.   It’s definitely not worth the read because I can sum it up by calling it an unnecessary generic rant to a critiquing fan.  I have no clue what HTTR!!!! was at the end of his post though.    The best part of his rant was that it produced this comment by Martellus Bennent, the Chicago Bears TE.

Why a guy would take the time to write that in any source of medium is the real question. Martellus aptly points out that Facebook is heading the way of MySpace.  Although I don’t 100% agree with that, who still uses Facebook as a viable source of information? The Facebook page is such a joke compared to a Twitter account. It’s like comparing a black guy’s dick to an Asian guy.  Martellus has 20 tweets since he wrote this about RG3 and one of his recent tweet produced this gem:


This is what Facebook has come to.  It isn’t “cool” to be a part of Facebook anymore.  They’ve invited the world and everyone knows that it’s not cool to be part of a club that everyone is part of.   It’s a little sad really because I used to look forward to getting a Facebook friend.  Now I’m happy to accept but there isn’t any real feeling of accomplishment.  Now if I could actually get a Twitter follower, that would excite me.  Twitter followers are like the goddamn Stonecutters.  I almost feel like purchasing them just to build my self image and feel like people who actually use Twitter get to read my tweets.  Out of the 40 people who follow me, I’m pretty sure my tweets only reach 5 of them.  Out of my 400 Facebook friends, I have no purpose connecting with any of them.  This is why Facebook sucks now.


When I joined Facebook in 2004, it was cool because it was growing.  I’d go to a house party in college, find a girl that I know wouldn’t want to have sex with me, and try to be friends with her.  This made it fun because it turned a black out night into something of substance like getting her name and finding her on Facebook.  Now (and yes I am much older), Facebook isn’t about finding girls to sleep with.  It’s about sharing stupid links and dumb things that you are doing.  The worst part it, this content is coming from people who I barely even know.  I have 400 friends but only have about 50 people in my life who I care about.  This leaves 7/8 of my Facebook feed irrelevant.  I understand Facebook is having financial success but they sold out.  I doubt they crash and burn but they moved from my hip demographic to older, less popular people with more money.  #truth



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Must Have Tech of 2014

Some people try to keep up with technology and others purposely fall behind.  They think it’s an inconvenience.  I’ve never understood resisting tech because what gains in popularity has some function that makes life easier. There is nothing more important in life than time and items that make processes simpler should be used.  New things scare stupid people.  I’ve compiled a list of a few must have of 2014. Sadly some of these have been around for years but I guarantee everyone who reads this doesn’t have them.

Paypal Account

Paypal has been operating for 16 years and the company who owns it, Ebay, is worth 5.6 billion. Not having a Paypal account is essentially saying that you have no interest making any financial transactions over the internet. It’s resisting the combination of two of the most important concepts in life, money and the internet. Paypal let’s you pay other people for debts, contests, and other expenses by transferring through accounts. Many companies accept Paypal during the checkout process which makes your transaction more secure. I recently made a donation to Wikipedia using Paypal and the money is deducted straight from my bank account. It took under 1 minute. If you have never opened a Paypal account, I’d guess you were a coal miner or on a fishing boat.


EZ Pass


This picture says it all.  “If you guys don’t have EZ Pass, just ring your call button and Tommy will come back there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer because you’re a retard.”  There is not one single reason you can give not to have EZ Pass.  It costs nothing and you don’t have to wait in lines on the turnpike.  If you still get a ticket, you might have a mental issue that you should get checked out.  Ck4 used to say, “I don’t take the turnpike.”  Guess what, you should still have it just in case.




If you watch television, especially sports, you need a DVR box.  The ability to stop and start live TV makes the experience that much more enjoyable.  Sometimes action will happen in sports and you’ll have your head turned and miss the climax.  Being able to rewind makes sure you don’t miss a thing.  The disappointment you feel when a friend does not having a DVR box when something happens and you can’t go back is worth the 10 dollars a month.   Off topic, I just cancelled my sports package which during football season is unbelievably worth the 9 dollars for Red Zone.


Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify Account


Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify are all minor investments and are well worth the cost.  Facebook is lame and people should turn to Twitter because the content is more concise and relevant.  Plus it costs nothing.  Someone texted me today saying that they thought my tweets weren’t bad and I told them to follow me and I’ll follow them.  They said they didn’t have an account.  Well fucking open one!  It costs nothing.  Netflix is a minor investment but the beauty is that multiple people can all share an account.  I haven’t been using it as frequently as of late but for shows like Orange is the New Black, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and others, I got my money worth.  I won’t harp on Spotify much because people are honestly too stupid to understand how much better of a listening experience it is.  The social aspect of playlists is so money that people can’t comprehend it.  Itunes and Pandora are sad compared to it.


Amazon Credit Card

Amazon Credit Card

I’m not a sold on this one as the other ones but if you use Amazon, everything is one click during checkout.  I assume it may be the same with every other credit card but I wouldn’t know because I only use my Amazon card when I shop on Amazon.  Can anyone chime in with what happens with a regular card?

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The Power of the Tweet

Here’s Lebron dunking on Paul Millsap last night:

Here is Millsaps’ Tweet:

This example is why Twitter is so powerful. A player gets posterized and can respond to what happened in something other than an interview. The majority of the world would have no idea what is going through the mind of Paul Millsap after getting Lebron’s nut sack on his forehead. An interview is only watched by people who tune into sports stations. So unless you are watching Sportscenter, you probably aren’t realizing that Millsap got got. Twitter allows him to make this post and then have knuckleheads like me find his tweet, and snowball the tweet so everyone knows he got owned last night. This isn’t something that you can overlook.

Twitter holds legitimacy over Facebook and is quickly becoming the #1 social media for news and info. Facebook joined friends together and people are over having friends. Twitter brings relevant content and newsworthy pieces from people you care about together. Is Paul Millsap’s reaction to getting dunked on something I care about? Not exactly but on a slow news day, why not? Paul Millsap being able to speak out to the world about what happened in a form of media that isn’t sports television is my point. This idea is what is vaulting Twitter. Getting reactions from people on events all in one place. It’s a combined form of media that is unlike anything else. If you don’t have Twitter and you read this blog and don’t follow me, join year 2014 and the Twitter experience. I was anti-twitter at first but have come on board because it’s not very time consuming and much more interesting than Facebook. The better social media will rise to the top.

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Don’t Clog Up My FaceBook Feed


From articles I’ve read about teens losing interest in Facebook and their major push with ads and corporate input, Facebook is no longer the “hot” social media. The stock is maintaining momentum with a strong push towards mobile which is pretty much the only thing you have to say if you want to sound like you are in tune with what is going on. From what I gather (good phrase), Facebook is maintaining popularity amongst the older crowd, 40+, because it’s new to them whereas it was new to Generation X 10 years ago. This is preferred by Facebook because they are the demographic who has, and spends, money. Problem with this is that this group isn’t all that interesting and quality content is severely diminishing. I want to add a clause that it’s not that older people are not interesting, it’s that they don’t know how to appeal to the masses.

Stay at home moms and the unemployed tend to rule my Facebook news feed to the point that I don’t want to log on. For some unexplained reason I’ve had an influx of activity where I accepted, and requested, about 10 new friends. I have to assume that this activity opened the flood gates to people who are in my network. So without being the dickhead of the past, I decided to accept all requests. Big mistake. Within the first 12 hours of accepting their request I was littered with 2 profile picture changes of head shots. Head shot profile changes are screaming for attention. I can deal with a profile picture change quarterly and even monthly, but not weekly or daily. It clogs up my feed and immediately makes me think the thoughts I’m thinking now. Essentially, I don’t need or want you to be my Facebook friend.

It’s not just the head shots, the lack of interesting content is what is killing Facebook. Sometimes I’ll see some interesting links but am too scared to click them because 9 out of 10 are ads or spyware. The other problem is that people in general are boring. Twitter allows you to follow as many celebrities, comedians, pornstars, and athletes as you want who update with clever and fascinating tidbits. Facebook has me following 400 of my lame “friends” who update me about flat tires and bad hair days. It’s a matter of time before people start fleeing in droves.

So I don’t spend the entire post bashing Facebook, I do think it is a worthy place of displaying events and giving you a last resort way of contacting someone. Invitations of a party is perfect because people can get the details in a public setting. Also, there are cases where you know someone but don’t have their number and you can direct message them which is better than nothing. I know there are some people who use Facebook as their own blog or diary but these people are far and few between who post noteworthy work on Facebook. I find it neat to be on the edge of trends like these even though I’m still probably a year behind.

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