reddit_upvote_wallpaper_by_kage_kaldaka-d5pxfjrI’m pretty much an expert on not getting any response to anything I do through websites. Years and years of lackluster blog comments, negative Twitter followers, unfavorable Karma scores on Reddit, and Facebook posts that nobody sees put me in a good position to write this post. My expectations for every post, comment, or tweet is that it goes mainstream. Every boy and girl across the world is going to want to be my friend or follow every move I do. Amazingly this hasn’t happened yet. With that in mind, I’ll share some thoughts on what to do to become known for comments.  Take it from me, I got a tweet favorited twice and had 1 retweet last night from random people.


Social Media Comment Tips

Speed of light iStockphoto_COSMOS Science MagazineBe First – This one is so key that I have to make it first.  Commenting on posts the second they appear or tweeting live is crucial to getting noticed.  It’s rare when people will dig through the comments to see what the best ones are.  If you ever use Reddit or Barstool, you’d know that the best comments (the ones with the most upvotes) get shown at the very top.  This is actually a very good system because the readers are good judges and the cream rises to the top.  The best chance to get the most upvotes is to be there the longest.  I would say there is probably a 15-30 minute window of commenting on a “new” post to get recognized.

blog-tip-from-probloggerCreative Title – The title is tricky.  I’ve never noticed a difference between what I think is a good title and  a bad title in my blog posts.  This could be because I’ve never created a good title.  The title though is the difference between something that gets looked at on Reddit or overlooked.  The title draws you in to the post.   The whole, “don’t read this,” or “you’ve gotta watch this,” probably work better than I think.  Anytime your title makes you think of sex, you did it right.

Write Truth – Comments that get the highest ratings are the ones that describe what people are thinking the best.  People need to read your comment and say, “that’s exactly what I was thinking, I couldn’t have put it better myself.”  And more accurately, “that’s exactly what I was thinking, and you put it way better than I would have.”  Or even more true, “I’m not that smart to make a comment that is that creative.”  Comments say what you are thinking concisely and accurately.

Reaction Gifs – Reaction gifs have grown on me.  When you can pinpoint a reaction in Gif format, you strike gold.  Words are great but a picture is worth a thousand words.  And a moving Gif is worth more than a picture so that’s like a million words.  Reaction links can score so high on the comment meter that it’s important to seek out good reaction gifs and store them in a folder.  Here is the subreddit in case you are too lazy to know where to look.  Many gems in here.


After reading this post, you should feel like this when making comments.