Sit Down Fucking Fat Boy

Russell Westbrook calling out the Urologist, Kevin Harkaway, before receiving 2 middle fingers. Read his lips closely.

The Long and Winding Post

kevin-durant-rolling-stone-cover-storyI read the Rolling Stone article on Kevin Durant and learned more about Durant’s underprivileged upbringings and his dedication to the game of basketball. There were a few neat tidbits like he drank his scotch neat, has tattoos of Rick James, Tupac, Lisa Left Eye Lopez, and Aaliyah, and learned to sleep balled up on a couch until 19. However as I started to write that post and gather info, I got into Russell Westbrook, the double middle finger, and various odds. So I’m sorry if i’m all over the place with this post but it is what it is.

Some Fun Facts:

  • kdThe Golden State Warriors were favored by 8.5 points on Tuesday night over the San Antonio Spurs and lost by 29.
  • The Warriors O/U win total was 66.5.
  • The odds for the Warriors to win the Championship went from 3-1 before KD made his announcement to -110.
  • OKC went from 3-1  to 20-1 to win it all this year.

The KD and Russ Show is No Longer

leaveshimhanging“It’s an open secret that the fun had stopped there and it was never going to flow with Russell. Russell’s a my turn, your turn kind of guy, and don’t think defenders don’t know that. When Russ had the ball, KD’s guy would leave him to go and help guard Russ.”

KD’s thought for leaving OKC – “Mama, I can’t do it anymore. They’re not in this thing with me, we’re not together like we were.” 


Draymond and KD Speak the Truth

stephcurryshoesDraymond Green: Dude, why you riff so hard on Steph’s kicks?
Kevin Durant: Cause they were foul. Ugliest shoes I ever saw. Your boy should be ashamed of himself.

“I’m sure the story tomorrow will be, ‘KD broke up the chemistry and we can’t win with KD,’ and all these other things which is going to come with the territory,” Warriors forward Draymond Green said. “We’re looking forward to that. We already know that’s coming.”

“You know who I always thought (was a great trash-talker), but has been under the radar, I think Kevin Durant,” Green said. “Lotta people don’t know that. But if you play against him you know. KD makes you feel bad about yourself, that you ever talked junk,” Green said. “It’s the funniest thing in the world.”


How Can You Not Like This Guy?

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Abel Tesfaye is the Weeknd

Adam will appreciate this post.


The Weeknd

weekndonrollingstone1I’m certainly not the biggest Weeknd fan but I’m smart enough to know when others are.  To give you an idea of how big Abel Tesfaye (the Weeknd) has gotten, he is averaging 24 million monthly listens on Spotify.  One Direction has 16 and Katy Perry has 9.   I don’t know who else the kids are listening to these days.

The Weeknd is on the cover of Rolling Stone this issue and I read the entire article and came away with a better understanding of who he is.  He came from rough beginnings and rose to meteoric fame while feeling innocent in the process of super stardom.  An example:

The then-anonymous Tesfaye declined all interviews.  In part, it was because he worried he wasn’t well-spoken enough: a high school dropout, he used to do crossword puzzles to improve his vocabulary, and to this day, he often wishes he were more articulate. ” Me not finishing school – in my head, I still have this insecurity when I”m talking to someone educated,” he says. “I don’t want them looking  at me like this fucking retard – no disrespect.”


Sex, Drugs and R&B 

My favorite part of the interview was his interpretation of a good song:

“It’s all about songs for me right now,” he says.  “The production can be cool and crazy -sounding, but that’s just special effects.  If you can’t strip it down and play it on piano, it’s not a good song.”

I also enjoyed reading about the work he put in after feeling like his shows weren’t what they should be

“Coachella was the first show I did in the States, and I hated my performance,” he says.  “I was scared shitless.  I got offstage and thought I did pretty good, then I watched the tape, and it was a nightmare.  I saw all the comments, and I wanted to kill myself.  I remember telling my agent, ‘You need to book me as many shows as possible.  That guy onstage is not a star.  That’s not a legend.'”

So Tesfaye got to work.  He took some dance lessons, trying to build confidence and learn how to perform.  And he played a lot of shows… When it came down to it, Tesfay was driven by fear.


In the Night

Max Martin

The song “In the Night”  will be hitting airwaves shortly if it hasn’t already.  He worked with Max Martin (if you don’t know who this is you should learn because he’s basically part of every pop song out) on it.  Martin also co-produced “Can’t feel My Face,” and “Shameless”.  The songs hook is Michael-esque and it’s quite a song.  Give it a listen.

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Who’s David Letterman?

Dave Letterman on the Rolling Stone cover 2015

Dave Letterman on the Rolling Stone cover 2015

David Letterman is on the cover of the Rolling Stone this month and apparently it’s a big deal he’s retiring. He’s on this show called “The Late Show” with David Letterman at 11:35 on CBS. He interviews famous people and has this top 10 list which makes people laugh.  Apparently it’s pretty popular since it’s been on the air for 33 years.   News to me.


Late Night (Show) with David Letterman

Dave Letterman on Rolling Stone Cover 1982

Dave Letterman on Rolling Stone Cover 1982

In 1982, the Rolling Stone article titled “David Letterman: Resurrection After Midnight” examined if Late Night TV “will survive into the twenty-first century or will be replaced by video games.”  This new host “David Letterman” was taking over and no one knew what to expect after Johnny Carson.  Who was Dave?

“I never had a whole lot of friends, but I was in the group of people that was always making fun of everybody else. You know, we weren’t in the honor society, so we made fun of the honor society. And yet we weren’t the guys stealing cars, so we made fun of the guys stealing cars. We couldn’t do much. My grades weren’t good, and the guys I hung out with, their grades weren’t really good. And we couldn’t go out with the really good-looking girls. We would egg their houses. We’d find the best-looking girl and without ever even asking her out – we’d just assume she wouldn’t go out – we’d just go egg her house on theory, you know, just, hell, ‘Screw you, I know you’re not gonna go out with me, so we’ll egg your house.'”

funny-pictures-auto-jennifer-aniston-demotivation-376241Another quip:

“I think if you have any sense, you’ll adopt the view of life,” he says matter-of-factly, “that if the bucket of shit can explode, it will explode.”

This is how the author of the article, Lewis Grossberger, concludes:

Letterman seems to have the right instincts and equipment for interviewing. He’s smart. He listens – an amazingly rare talent – and can ask pertinent questions. Or he can go for laughs. He has good moves: wit, whimsy, charm, sarcasm. His insult whip snaps the air; it doesn’t cut flesh. He wears well. He has high growth potential.  


33 Years Later

David Letterman and Jay Leno

David Letterman and Jay Leno

“If you look around at the other people doing it and look at me, it’s almost like a pair of shoes you haven’t worn in a hundred years,” he says. “‘Gee, I think we can probably get rid of these.’ I still enjoy what I’m doing. But I think what I’m doing is not what you want at 11:30 anymore.”

He says the lack of YouTube-ability is “a weakness of our show. I hear about things going viral, and I think, ‘How do you do that?’ I think I’m the blockage in the plumbing.”

obamaHe’s 68 years old and understands his time is through.  I’m sure critics would say he was passed his time a decade ago.  His ratings are losing to Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel is right up his rear.  To do a job in the national eye for 33 years is worth applauding even if the opinion is he just isn’t that funny anymore.

I hardly watched Dave so you may be asking why I’m even writing about him.  This is a good question.  I have a good answer.  I read how he is spending his time and I envy it.  I want to spend my life the way he is spending his.

“Where Dave’s ranch is (Montana) has some of the most incredible wildlife in America.” Hanna says. “Grizzlies, black bears, mountain lions, elk, moose, wolverines. It’s like going back in time. Those plains have not changed in 500 years.”

Milky_Way_Night_Sky_Black_Rock_Desert_Nevada“In the summer, it doesn’t really get dark until 11, maybe midnight,” Letterman says. “so you stay up as late as you can, and then finally, about 11:45, when it’s just crepuscular, you wait for that last line of light to duck down behind the mountains. It’s beautiful – the Milky Way is so bright that it actually washes out the stars. I always sleep with my glasses on, so that when I wake up in the middle of the night – which, at my age, is every 18 minutes – I’ll be able to see satellites and planets and constellations and shooting stars. It’s remarkable.”

of, resembling, or relating to twilight

I’m actually curious if my audience likes a post like this.  I obviously took most of it from the Rolling Stone article but since they write better than me, I’d expect it should be good material.  Plagiarism sure, but good material.


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Rolling Stone Interviews Louie C.K

I’m not a huge Louie C.K fan. I find him practical but not nearly as funny as other people. I’ve attempted to watch Lucky Louie on HBO and also Louie on FX and can’t get into them. That aside, I read his entire interview in the Rolling Stone and it’s obvious he’s a pretty down to Earth guy. I also heard him on Howard a few weeks ago and he was a great guest. My general take on Louie (and the thumbs ups on the video) is how real he is. Another noteworthy point about him is that he doesn’t repeat his material and is constantly coming up with new thoughts which I think separates him from other comedians out there. Here are a few excerpts from the Rolling Stone interview that I want to give my thoughts on.

Q. In general, do you hold on to grudges or do you forgive people?
A. No, I don’t hold grudges. I don’t have a grudge in my life. I forgive people. I just don’t believe that you owe anybody in your life a relationship. It’s healthy and fair to opt in or out, and it’s actually more fair to do that than to hold people’s feet to the fire for everything they’ve ever done.

I liked that comment because I feel some people hold onto a thought or idea and never let it go. It’s a stereotypical thought that allows no room for growth.

Q. Did you get the idea of how to be a father from your mother, then?
A. Yeah, “because I’m your father” is just a cheap cop out, and it robs the kid of an opportunity to understand something. I engage them. A lot of parents don’t talk to their kids. I learned that from my mom. I provide for them but also let them experience their disappointments and their difficulties. You’re not going to keep your kids from harm, not in a million years. All their life is going to be is harm. It’s narcissistic to try to give your kids a utopian life – when they leave your house, they’re going to be in a world of shit. The only thing you can give your kids that’s going to be of any use is a mechanism for dealing with all the awful shit that’s coming. Then it won’t be that awful. As a matter of fact, it will be great.

I thought of Sam when I read this because our mom was none too pleased about his recent incident. Know that your not alone in this world of shit. Getting through it makes it that much better.

Q. That may be where the genius part comes in.
A. I’m just studying it and figuring stuff out. The only way to learn that stuff is by failing; all this is learned by having bad times. You have to be willing to have a bad time. People that need to feel like a star and like they’re succeeding every time will not ever get better. But if you are willing to feel bad, do badly, have a stale, boring version of yourself out in front of everybody, you can find this stuff in the muck that’s very useful. What I just told you about comes from having gotten really stale and having written a joke an having it stay thin and shitty until it wasn’t getting laughs anymore.

Q. A lot of people dream of overnight success, rather than sloggin it out for 20 years and gradually improving a craft.
A. It’s understandable for people to want all their favorite things to happen, but the crazy thing is to think that they can avoid all of the hard things. To want everything that you ever dreamed of, to the exclusion of anything hard, that feels common to me now in a way that is hurting people. They’re ignoring how much good there is in being present for the hardest parts of your life. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. I loved all that time; it was hard and I suffered. Times where you’re like, “I think it’s over, and I’m in too deep to start anything else.” There are really scary moments in a showbiz career, but it’s so great that they got to happen. It’s a very unforgiving field; it doesn’t say goodbye nicely and there’s no one there to keep you going – it’s all you. But if you survived that time, that’s always there.

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Katy Perry Not to Hot

Katy Perry not to hot is a sad sight to see. I watched this Katy Perry gif for a minute straight watching my favorite female celebrity get boob enhancements, stretch mark erases, and the lighting of an angel. I do find it fairly amazing how tricked into thinking the public is on what their favorite celebrities actually look like. For some reason though I think that if I met Katy in person, I’d still be head over heels. Let’s of course not forget about these banging pictures that I stumbled upon a few months ago.

I’m not sure exactly what it is but Katy just comes across at the perfect female for me. I like the voluptuous curves, the beautiful singing voice, and the cute girl face. Although it’s a shame that this picture displays the harsh reality of this world, I’ll get over it.


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