Katy Perry Not to Hot

Katy Perry not to hot is a sad sight to see. I watched this Katy Perry gif for a minute straight watching my favorite female celebrity get boob enhancements, stretch mark erases, and the lighting of an angel. I do find it fairly amazing how tricked into thinking the public is on what their favorite celebrities actually look like. For some reason though I think that if I met Katy in person, I’d still be head over heels. Let’s of course not forget about these banging pictures that I stumbled upon a few months ago.

I’m not sure exactly what it is but Katy just comes across at the perfect female for me. I like the voluptuous curves, the beautiful singing voice, and the cute girl face. Although it’s a shame that this picture displays the harsh reality of this world, I’ll get over it.


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Enjoying my last few responsibility free years left.

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Tom Stortz

Enjoying my last few responsibility free years left.

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