Hicham El Guerrouj -1 Mile World Record 3:43:13


So fast he’s a blur

Hicham El Guerrouj’s mile time is a world record that has held strong for almost 16 years. There have been 5 men who have been in the 3:46 club and 1 who has run 3:44. HOWEVER, the top 2 mile times to ever be recorded happened in the same race below, both in the 3:43 range. My question, and reason for posting this, is there anyway this World Record would have been set without the 2 men pushing each other to times that haven’t been touched, well, ever since?  Competition at its finest.


Fastest Mile Times in Chart Form


Does the mile still matter?
So, the big question… Is the mile still relevant today?

Nick Willis: “It is still relevant, particularly in North America, Australia and New Zealand. It is important for the casual fan because people understand a sub-four minute mile. A 3:38 1500m doesn’t mean anything to most people. I still believe the mile should be used as a means to reach to the masses.

“The biggest challenge [to the mile’s status] is that mile times are not recognised as qualification times for the 1500m at major championships, even though translated times for 1500m to the mile are very accurate.”

Will Leer: “Absolutely. People in a crowd can connect with a mile more than they can with the 1500m. Everyone in America had the same experience as me. They all ran it in gym class. The mile has an ability to connect with the people who aren’t as intricately woven into our world as we are.”

John Walker: “It is still relevant, because there are so few top mile races in the world. There are only about three top mile races, so it is very special and in countries like England and New Zealand, it is still very important.”

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American Odyssey Relay 2015

Anyone can run for time, it takes a runner to finish. – CK4

There is a link on the top of my web page that reads American Odyssey Relay where I’ve reviewed my past experiences so I’m not going to go over what it is again (200 mile relay from Gettysburg to DC) and just get right into it.


American Odyssey Relay

Shady Maple

What a 250 yard buffet looks like.

Our van of Sam, Nikkii, CK4, Eric, Bill, Scott, and myself left around 4pm to head to Shady Maple which is a smorgasbord of food, buffet style.    It’s funny in my mind when Chad came back with a plate of all meat and Sam called him a carnivore / T-rex but without any picture it is just left to the imagination.

We got to the check-in at Gettysburg where initial race packets and intro messages were being distributed.  Nikkii thankfully manned up and listened to instructions while we drank beer..  We picked her up after and checked into the hotel.  All 34? of us got together in a meeting room and listened to Nathan conduct a preliminary meeting of when the teams were starting and where we should go.  Ready to rock.


First Set of Legs

Get with the program Dave.

Get with the program Dave.

I was our Leg 1 which means I start the race.  From past experience, I knew that it sucks to have to use a porta-potty to shit during the relay.  To work around this I woke up and drank 3 cups of coffee.  I executed effectively and was good to go for my run.  I genuinely felt great and was hoping this would carry over for my run.

What a transition looks like.

What a transition looks like. It didn’t feel as weird as this picture looks.

My first leg was 6 miles through Gettysburg and I completed it with no problems.  I handed off to Krista, who had never done the relay before, and was feeling good.  We met Krista at the 2 mile mark of her 6 mile run and we had the brilliant idea that we needed beer.  I didn’t like the idea of leaving a runner but I also knew that there was not a better opportunity to get beer.  We headed backwards to the distributor, picked up the beer, then raced back to meet our runner.  We arrived with minutes to spare and Jackie was next to run leg 3.

The most famous covered bridge in Pa.  George Washington built it.

The most famous covered bridge in Pa. George Washington built it.  Maybe.

Jackie successfully (I’m not sure what word she’d use) completed her leg 3 while we watched Steven stand over a hole in the ground keeping runners from stepping in it.  The picture to the right was taken which was the members in our van and a covered bridge.  It’s also noted the Holly completed her leg (and the next 2) with a busted ankle so she didn’t pull a “Chad”.  More on this later.


Breathtaking. Actually it’s pretty boring. I took it.

Sam was the next runner and was on a mission to make Dave his bitch.  That was a joke but Sam went rip-roaring through a hard 8+ miles to hand off to our #1 runner Ck4.  This is probably not the exact time it happened but I must add that Chad tried to close the van door and ended up slamming it right on his forehead.  He looked back at us trying to play it off but the imprint of his head on the glass was clear. Smooth.

Those shorts are "runner certified"

Those shorts are “runner certified”

The always optimistic CK4 finished his first leg of 4+ miles no problem.  His running attire consisted of extra long bball shorts, my 5 year old running shoes, and a cotton “sweat absorbing” long sleeve shirt.  His finish was celebrated with some church hot dogs and preparation for Nikkii doing the hardest leg on the course of 7+ miles and 1,000 ft incline.  It’s not for the weak.

Nikkii Leg 6

Leg 6 complete.

Nikkii completed the hard leg and was rewarded with a pint glass.  At this point we had some hours to kill before our next set of legs started.  We drove to Waynesboro to eat at Waynesburger.  There was sign for “free parking” but we decided to fill the pointless meter with 50 cents to be safe.  I ate a chicken Caesar wrap that was actually pretty good.  We then drove over to the next transition point where Sam and I lamented the fact that we didn’t have a frisbee.


Second Set of Legs

Majestic Sunset

Majestic Sunset

I got into my night running gear even though it was pretty light out.  Patti followed a runner the wrong way but still ran a solid leg before handing me the baton.  I’ve known in past years that the second leg has the potential to be blazing fast.  I started slow knowing that there was a confusing turn but got through to the 4 mile straight away no problem.  While running up the hill I passed a woman and made a comment that the sky was beautiful.  She said, “and look at those windows.”  I was like, “uhhhhh, yeah, great windows.”  She said, “you know, getting to see this every night…” and I awkwardly passed her.

I felt fast on my run and truly enjoyed myself.  At this point it was nighttime and Krista was scared of the dark.  Her comments were that she saw some blue blinking lights (the road sign pointing her which way to go) and thought they were possums which displays her mental state that any noise or sight was going to attack her.  None the less, she completed her leg with no issues and handed off to Jackie.

Not the right leg but everyone on my team gets a pic on the blog.  You're welcome, Jackie.

Not the right leg but everyone on my team gets a pic on the blog. You’re welcome, Jackie.

I was feeling pretty freaking good at this point and was drinking some silver bullets.  At one point during Jackie’s run Sam parked us Jurassic Park style while I encouraged runners who were passing by in the pitch dark.  As I asked Jackie how she was doing she replied that, “this hill sucked a dick.”  AOR brings out the truth.  Even with the inclines she pushed through the tough leg and finished with only a few choice words.

This was a picture of the sunrise.

This was a picture of the sunrise.

The next set of 3 legs was Sam, Chad, and Nikki running out and backs by Boonsboro.  There is really not much to say because not much happened.  I ate a $3 piece of shitty pizza while CK4 ate some Sloppy Joes.  Sam tried to get some sleep in the gym while I tried to get some shut eye outside on the asphalt.  A few others slept in the van but I don’t think I slept for more than 45 minutes.  Sam popped in the van at 1:30 am and we drove off to Shepardsville, WV.

Aside from CK4 using some expert negotiations, a wiley 360 spin move, and some chatter to get a van to move out of our van’s way so we could leave, not much happened.  I ate a $1 bagel from the boy scouts which I paid $3 dollars for because I’m a nice guy and got ready to run my 3rd leg.


3rd Set of Legs

This was taken with a high speed / slow motion camera.

This was taken with a high speed / slow motion camera.

My 3rd leg was 8.6 miles and straight along the Potomac.  It was 3am and pitch dark.  This leg sucked.  I probably passed 15 runners which kept things moderately interesting but it was me and my head lamp for 59 minutes.  I handed off to Krista who had the same run for 6 miles and agreed it was equally bad.  This is where the relay started to get interesting.

Jackie was hurting from her last leg and was put in the spot of running when she would have loved to find a feather bed to sleep in.  She gutted through her leg and had a mini-meltdown where she was “never running again.”  Sam was next and finished his leg as Stortz’s do.  Now the fun begins.

Clouds are exciting.

Clouds are exciting.

With 16 of our 18 legs done we sent Nikkii on an 8 mile trek.  Major props to Nikkii for completing leg 6 but this leg was more than she could chew.  This was supposed to be the hardest leg for the #5 runner (CK4) who managed to switch with Nikkii.  With Nikkii on her run. our van was presented with the situation where one of runners was not wanting to run his 8 miles.  We talked it over and tried to divvy up his miles but the skin under my nuts was chafing so bad that I was in no shape to run and others were not exactly enthusiastic to take on more (Krista and Sam did volunteer).  We had to drive 20 minutes away to pick up Nathan who was going to help Chad run his miles.

In the end we let Chad leave 30 minutes before Nikkii finished and picked him up an hour later by switching him with Nathan.  It wouldn’t be a story unless a big, brown, barking dog didn’t attack Chad as he was running his leg.  If we could all lead such adventurous lives.


Finishing AOR

Real life tired.

Real life tired.

We handed off to the second team at around 9:30 AM on Saturday and Van 1 headed back to the Wharf area.  We weren’t able to check in to the hotel so we got some breakfast and pondered giving the hotel clerk a stunner.  I have to add that watching our crew cross the streets with only 15 seconds on cross walk intervals was hilarious.  At around 12:30 pm they let us into a room and we showered up and headed to the Wharf to watch our team finish.

Van 1 at the Wharf after finishing the relay

Van 1 at the Wharf after finishing the relay

We found parking with some of my nifty driving and smuggled some Coors lights into the party area.  I got a hot tip from Krista’s grandma and put $50 bucks on American Pharoh in the Derby who ended up winning me $140.  The Wharf had the beer situation handled this year and was overall a fun time with AWESOME weather.  Nathan’s interview with the AOR video crew was great as he never repeated her question as instructed.  I especially liked when Krista told the camera that her leg was horrible.  Cut.

We went back to the hotel and congregated while some people went home and others met up for dinner.  We spent the dinner making jokes at Chad’s expense and I realized that I was unbelievably tired.  At 9:30pm I fell asleep which negated the point of staying over in DC for the night.



I awoke at 7 am and we left shortly after.  After I caught a huge buzz off of a Starbucks coffee while driving I was an instant chatter box with millions of thoughts racing through my head.  The CK4 navigational aid app was tops.  We said goodbye to Chad and Nikkii, dropped the van off at Enterprise (Sam tarded out and left his door key), and I went on a 7 mile run to wrap up marathon distance in one single weekend.

This is truly a unique experience where you spend 30 hours in a van with 5 other people and run.  I remember someone asking me what they liked about AOR and I had difficulty answering.  I’ve since learned the answer to that question.  I love the running.  I love seeing the sunsets and sunrises and meeting new people and just enjoying the experience.  It only comes once a year and that’s probably enough, but I like doing it.

Also a big thank you to Nathan Relles for the hours of planning involved to run a successful relay.


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The Rock and TC Gets Rolled Half Marathon

ive-made-a-huge-mistake (1)2 years ago I said I’d never do the Philly Half Marathon again.  For whatever reason 3 weeks ago I changed my mind and signed up.  I was in a mad rush to get myself in shape and this was a huge mistake.

What I’m about to display in this post is a horrible way to run a race.  In the 3 weeks I was “training”, I never did a constant run for further than 8 miles.  I’ve stressed before that in order to run a race successfully, you have to be able to exceed the distance in practice.  I learned the hard way.

I woke up at 6am and ate a single egg and a Chocolate Chip Chewy bar.  I rocked a deuce and felt pretty good all things considered.  I walked to the race which is about a mile and half from my house.  As soon as I met up with Nikkii and CK4, I had to take another shit.  This was not good.  I waited 10 minutes in line and had the runs which I knew was a bad omen.  I did little warm up and waited in the corral for the race to start.

2014 Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half MarathonMy first mile was 5:55 but I immediately had a sock problem as it felt like it was sliding in the shoe and this usually leads to blisters.  My 3 mile time was 17:33 which I knew was fast but I felt pretty comfortable and figured I’d give myself some room to fall off of 6 minute mile’s.  I followed that with a 5:50, 6:02, 6:01.  That was mile 6 and almost half way through the race.  At this point I knew I was fading a bit but was still pretty comfortable in all areas.  I rattled off a 6:12, 6:19 for the next 2 miles and started to know I was in trouble.  The 8 mile mark is near the bridge in East Falls and it was like a Mack truck ran me over.  My next mile was 6:33 as I tried to keep it together.  Mile 10 was done in 6:39 and my ten mile time was 61:12.  I knew this time was respectable and even at the current pace I would finish with a respectable time in the low hour 20’s.  It was not to be.

marathon_runner-468x472Mile 11 was done in 6:45 as I remember thinking, “wow, I feel horrible and I’m still able to break 7.”  This thought proved troublesome.  My foot started to bother me and it felt like my legs were made out of lead.  I ran a 7:32 next mile and I was only 1.1 miles away from the end.  Unfortunately my body completely broke down and in 2 separate times I stopped to walk.  When I walked, my brain felt dizzy and I felt like I was going to collapse.  I ran the last 1.1 in 9:16, which is incredible, and my finish time was 1:24.46 (6:27 pace).  I was passed by about 100 people in the last 3 miles and was so happy to finish the race that I once again swore it off forever.

I’m not sure how much of a difference it would have made if I started slower but that’s not my style.  I’m not a long distance runner and from now on I’m capping myself at 10 mile races.  My feet were blood blistered up and I probably took about 6 shits today.  It’s not been fun and it cost me $130 bucks and entire weekend of doing nothing for almost 0 satisfaction.  Fuck running.


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Speed Training for the Philly Half

Philly Rock and RollI signed up for the Philly half marathon yesterday out of the blue.  I haven’t run more than 7 miles once in the past 4 months.  Either way I was boosted by my time trialed mile and decided I was in good enough shape to make a run at it.  I’m starting in good shape but not endurance running shape.  Here’s my plan over the next 19 days.

  • Try to eat healthier and eat more fruit.  Laura asked me when was the last time I had a fruit or vegetable and I answered a month.  I lied.  It could be 3 months.
  • I started yesterday running 8 miles all at one time.  Most of my runs are 2-3 miles at a fast pace, short break, then back at it for 2-3 more.  I did 6 at 7 minute pace and was pretty dead by the end.  I warmed down the last 2.
  • Knowing that 6 miles is my starting point of non-stop running, I’ll gradually increase my mileage over the next 20 days.  Today I’ll try to do 7 straight with a 2 mile warm down.
  • If you can’t complete a practice run at the race mileage, you most likely won’t do your best.  By the 20th rolls around, I want to have gotten up to 13 miles non stop.
  • With such a short time frame, I have to watch the alcohol intake and make sure I don’t miss many days training.  I know Sam doesn’t take many days off but I’ll schedule at least 5 during this time to make sure I don’t get injured from asking more than my body would feel comfortable with.
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Roxborough High School Alumni Mile

This is an actual picture of the Roxborough Track

This is an actual picture of the Roxborough Track

This post is about more than a mile.

Today I decided to test my physical limitations by time trialing a mile. I texted Sam to meet me at the Roxborough High track and he would stand as a witness. I hadn’t run on a track in about 2 years so I expected the unexpected.

During my 4 years in Manayunk I used to run the track once or twice a week. Living in Philly doesn’t allow the same privileges so I was fairly excited to see what kind of shape I was in. The reason I decided to test myself was because I hadn’t drank a lot this weekend and I’ve been playing ball regularly. I warmed up with 3/4 of a mile and Sam arrived at the meet time.

We made small talk and I told him I didn’t need his assistance and would time it myself. I started off hot running a 67 quarter. I knew it was too fast but the adrenaline was pumping to start. My half time was 2:20 so I had a nice 10 second cushion on a sub 5 pace. I was fading a bit on the third lap and ran a 77. I still had 8 seconds of space and finished with a 79 which was good for a 4:56 mid.  I was pleased.  It was fun running with Sam afterward while he was doing his work out.  I miss this track interaction.  Today gave me a chance to return to a place that I’ve spent a lot of time at and see how things change while still staying the same.

Kids on a trackSam’s almost 23 and I remember being his age and living in Manayunk, working out at the track, and getting drunk on weekends.  At 30, I can’t explain where the time goes. I’ve lived for 8 years longer than him but I remember those days like they were yesterday. Today was a wake up call that the clock never turns back as much as you may want it to. This is the most depressing thought there is if you think about it. I’m not going to get hung up on that though because it leads nowhere. It’s important to always be advancing in life even if you are running circles on a track.

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Art Museum Step Challenge

Art Museum StepsThis is an open challenge against me to anyone who wants to give it a try.

Art Museum Steps

Start at the 1st logical line back (there is the actual first line but it’s too close to the first step to make it possible). This line acts as the start line and the suicide line. The challenge is 3 times up and down the steps touching the start line and the top step with each suicide. The end of the steps is the top flight of steps without heading into the open area at the top.

Time to Beat: 1:45:16

I’m confident in this time because technique is extremely important in this challenge and I think I’ve nailed it.

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Tex Mex 5k in Hot Hot Heat

2014 TexMex5K LeadinLast night I did the Tex Mex 5k.  The race was held in Lansdale and it was 80+ degrees and humid.  It’s a fairly sizable 5k getting 1,500 people to run.

I parked my car about a 5 minute walk away in a large parking lot which was nice.  I stashed my keys under my tire and a woman of 50 years saw me do it.  I thought that if she was going to steal my car, more power to her.  I ran over to the starting area and got my bib while also getting a bracelet which entitled me to a free beer after the race.  I ran back to the car and dropped off my t-shirt and ID and headed to meet up with CK4 and Nikkii.  We met at near the starting line and Nathan was there too helping out with the race.

There weren’t many people in the front of the race so I was able to get a spot easily.  There seemed to be a few decent runners but I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The race went off exactly at 7pm and I was running with the 2nd pack of about 10 people.  A few girls were with me and I figured that wouldn’t last.

We came through the first mile at 5:30 or so and I was feeling pretty good.  A half mile uphill followed and then some downhill.  The 2 mile time was messed up but I hadn’t felt like I slowed down much.  After another longish uphill, someone in the crowd said it was all downhill from here.  I wasn’t sure if that was true or not (turns out it was) and I started picking up some distance on the guys in front of me.  A turn at the end led to the finish line and I had a mediocre kick.  I finished at 17:28 which was good for 9th place.  I was pretty pleased.

post2Nikkii broke 27 minutes which was good on a hot day, Lisa was 29:30, and CK4 managed a 32:45 performance which is a head shaker.  We met up afterwards and ate the chicken/salsa mix, chips, and a delicious cookie.  The beer by Prism was also quite good.  They served it properly by having all the cups laid out and there was no line.  We all ate the food together and lounged around the Tex Mex outside area where a band was playing.

I enjoyed the race and would do it again next year.  The cost was 42 bucks which is on the high side but there were a lot of extras involved.  All in all, money well spent.

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5k! Is That the Distance or the Cost?

Holy Ravioli Batman, the cost to pay people to let you race is getting out of control!  There are two upcoming local Philly races I signed up for today and are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  The races are the Phil’s 10k and the Tex Mex 5k.  Each race has its own unique situation that once analyzed should make things clear.


Phil’s 10k

Phil's 5kPhil’s 10k is a re-created race that was once a 5k, and I assume, due to falling participants, tried something different.  This is the 13th annual Phil’s race and I have been doing it since 2002.  The old 5k was held on a Wednesday in July and the temperature was always sweltering.  Without looking at the actual numbers and strictly by memory, at the peak, the race was drawing around ~500 people and last year dipped to around 350.  The race was feeling stale and the AARC did something about it.

What changed? 

  • The distance moved from a 5k to a 10k
  • The price went from $25 (with a shirt) to $15 (with an additional option of adding a shirt for $8.)
  • Date was moved to a Saturday morning at 8am (it should read this on the homepage)

My Thoughts

  • Award in the Old Man's age group.

    Award in the Old Man’s age group.

    I like not having to get a shirt.  I don’t wear race shirts.  I run all the time and buy the equipment I need from top manufacturers.  Normally race shirts aren’t the cream of the crop and I won’t wear them especially due to the advertising on them.

  • 10k distance is a fine switch but I think this probably deters more people than brings in.
  • I’ll never complain about the $15 price.  I even donated an extra $10 because of how cheap the race is.  I only donate money when it feels right.
  • Saturday Morning during vacation time is questionable.
  • Prize money is awarded which may draw some higher quality runners.


Tex Mex 5k

2014 TexMex5K LeadinI’ve never done the Tex Mex so understand this comes from what I’ve heard and seen.


  • The first thing I do when I’m signing up for a race I don’t know much about is look at the winning time and how many people participated.  I don’t like small races that I think I have a shot at winning.  This race gets 1,500 people and a winning pace around 5 minute miles.  Check.
  • From what I hear, the after party is an actual after party with alcohol and everything.  This I like.
  • I like the change of pace on a Wednesday summer night and having something to look forward during the week.


  • $42.00!!!!! to do a 5k?  Are you kidding me.  This race is bringing in $63,000 dollars.  I don’t know race costs but this is a lot of money going to a watershed.


Closing Thoughts

running_motivational_02Running is getting expensive the more popular it gets.  The Art Museum is closed every single weekend for some race to benefit some cause.  I don’t mind opening up my wallet to do a race but I think the Philly half marathon used to cost me around 50 bucks and now that’s what a 5k is getting?  There are some special races that can ask for a premium but there are hundreds of races to choose from nowadays and they all can’t be special.

This post was created in honor of National Running Day and Sam’s smart thoughts on it.


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Altra Instinct 2.0 – Pass or Fail?


Buying a Running Shoe

borntoruninc_logoYesterday I decided that I could use a new pair of running shoes and headed to Born To Run in SpringHouse, PA. I’ve known Hillary for many years and like keeping the business local instead of penny pinching online. Plus I like to try before I buy.

Brooks Ghost 5

Brooks Ghost 5

I’m not your typical runner and have had various issues with shoes in the past. Every step I take running is on my toes. What this does is creates immense friction under the balls of my toes and blisters begin. The last 2 purchases I made were Brooks Ghost 5’s which are a heavier shoe that does a decent job keeping my feet safe.

I walked into the store with an open mind and no real budget because it’s an item I’ll be using often. I do some quick browsing and check out the new Ghost’s and the Mizuno Wave Enigma 3. I’ve pretty much eliminated Saucony and Nike from my shoe buying due to bad experiences. I had an employee bring me out 11’s of the new Brooks Ghost 6 and wasn’t thrilled with the color choice but they fit like I was used to. As I was walking around, a representative from the company Altra asks if he can help me out. I give him some quick details about my style and what I was looking for and he shows me Altra’s equivalent.

A1333_Black_xl1I’ve never heard of Altra before and when I first saw the shoe I thought it was out of the space program. It has a wide front and the sole is very flat with no arch on the bottom nose. It looked peculiar but if a shoe could prevent me from getting blisters, I was interested. The rep said that the company was from California and does well on the West Coast but has little base in the East. I tried on one shoe of the Altra Instinct 2.0 and compared one of a Mizuno Wave Enigma 3. Both shoes felt nice but it’s impossible to know what to expect out of a running shoe without running in it. After some more discussion I decided to take a flyer on the Altra and purchase it. I figured worst case scenario was that I could try it out and then complain that it wasn’t what I expected and go from there.

Running an Altra

I was quite anxious to go for a run in these new shoes because they were unlike anything I’ve tried before. My first impression of the shoe out of the box is that it’s unique looking but the color scheme is nice. It’s not too bright or off putting, it blends well. I put on the shoe and it fit like a slipper. The shoe laces were a tad short and thin for my liking. I immediately noticed the difference in weight with these being 9.5 oz compared to my 11.3 oz Ghosts. With everything being set, I decided to head to the Ben Franklin bridge and give the shoes a workout.

20140521_165634A few steps in I was feeling the additional room in the front and thought it was comfortable. My feet didn’t feel squished and had some room to breathe. The sole is very flat so I noticed that my toe running was landing me further back on the mid sole compared to what I’m used to. Everything felt fine and I knew the run I was doing was going to test the shoe further. The Ben Franklin Bridge is about a mile long bridge with a slight incline for the first half and then slight decline for the second half. The downhill incline would be a perfect test because my feet will usually heat up from a half mile of a pushing pace downhill.

Ben_Franklin_Bridge-3While picking it up on the downhill,  I found out that although my feet would heat up (less so than in the Ghost), if I wanted to back off a bit on my toes, I’d land in the middle and it would give my feet some cooling off. Normally, when my shoes would get too hot, I’d have to start running heel to toe and this was a refreshing surprise because I lost little speed when I would back off.

I made sure I ran hard on both parts of the downhill and could find no faults with the shoe. They felt light and I felt like I could pick it up when I wanted to. The stability wasn’t as high as what I was used to but I don’t see this as an issue. When I took them off after the run everything felt normal which is exactly what I want and I saw no exterior issues with the shoe. Obviously this was only a 4 mile run but I’m looking forward to putting on some more distance and then working them on the track.  At an $105.00 dollar price tag, I have found no faults so far.

If you like running and are new to my site, you might like to read about my Broad St Run Experience.

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Sub 60 Minute Broad Street Run

Nathan Relles and Tom StortzLet me start this post with a big thank you to Nathan Relles who transferred his bib to me and without this kind gesture, you wouldn’t have this blog post.  Thanks Nathan.

A quick thought about me not getting selected to the lottery for the Broad Street Run…it’s absurd.  Complete system failure.  Before the race today I saw men who haven’t seen their penis in ages.  There has to be some restriction to this race (like being able to see your penis).  10 miles isn’t a 5k, not everyone can do it properly.  That aside, onward to the race.

I wrote about how I was feeling before the Broad St Run in this post if you don’t keep up with the blog.  I got an average night’s sleep with Alex calling me at 12:30am after I feel asleep at 11:30pm asking where Sam was.  This wasn’t a big deal except that I had actually fallen asleep and not only did that wake me up but Jeff and company were listening to music which also made sleep challenging.  Either way, my alarm went off at 5am and I sprung to action.  I dropped a deuce, brushed my teeth, showered, and tied my running shoes tight.  I ate one Granola bar and was feeling light on my feet.

bcbsrunI drove and parked in the Wells Fargo Center at around 6am and caught a subway before the lines got crazy.  It’s about a half hour to the starting line so I had a while to kill before the 8:30 start.  I hung around and did some light stretching.  I dropped the kids off at the pool a second time and also was urinating like crazy.  I wasn’t sure if this was a good or bad sign but and didn’t want to cake my pants.  I was herded into the corral and sat through 15 minutes of talking before the race was about to start.

IMG_1431The timer went off and I was using a watch for the first time ever.  I have no problem getting out and fell into a comfortable pace.  My thoughts at this point are that I want to finish the race without caking my pants.  Essentially, put up a respectable time and don’t embarrass yourself.

Through 5 miles I was still feeling good and people weren’t picking me off and I was actually gaining on some people ahead of me which is a great sign.  I was exactly a minute (29:00) under 60 minute pace at the 5 mile which pretty much assured that I was going to finish OK.  Considering the fact I still felt good, I was in high hopes.  I got to 7 miles which is what I wrote in the last entry was my do or die point with regards to time.  Amazingly I didn’t exactly do either and stayed at 6 minute pace.  I had virtually no kick and finished at 59:08 which I’m pretty happy with but it was about 30 seconds slower than last year.  My splits were 5:49, 5:45, 5:50, 5:50, 5:43, 6:03, 5:56, 6:00, 6:03. 6:03.  Without being a track expert, you can see that I lost touch at the 6 mile mark and I can’t really remember what happened because I didn’t feel lousy.

Overall I lived up to my own expectations and actually felt very good throughout.  I needed a few more longer runs during training if I was going to improve upon last year which is seemingly my peak.  I lacked finishing speed but my preparation was excellent as I felt like a million bucks throughout the race .  Overall though I had a good time and I’m glad I did it once again.  I hope everyone else who did the run and reads this post enjoys it too.


My Broad St Run performance

My Broad St Run performance

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