Philly Rock and RollI signed up for the Philly half marathon yesterday out of the blue.  I haven’t run more than 7 miles once in the past 4 months.  Either way I was boosted by my time trialed mile and decided I was in good enough shape to make a run at it.  I’m starting in good shape but not endurance running shape.  Here’s my plan over the next 19 days.

  • Try to eat healthier and eat more fruit.  Laura asked me when was the last time I had a fruit or vegetable and I answered a month.  I lied.  It could be 3 months.
  • I started yesterday running 8 miles all at one time.  Most of my runs are 2-3 miles at a fast pace, short break, then back at it for 2-3 more.  I did 6 at 7 minute pace and was pretty dead by the end.  I warmed down the last 2.
  • Knowing that 6 miles is my starting point of non-stop running, I’ll gradually increase my mileage over the next 20 days.  Today I’ll try to do 7 straight with a 2 mile warm down.
  • If you can’t complete a practice run at the race mileage, you most likely won’t do your best.  By the 20th rolls around, I want to have gotten up to 13 miles non stop.
  • With such a short time frame, I have to watch the alcohol intake and make sure I don’t miss many days training.  I know Sam doesn’t take many days off but I’ll schedule at least 5 during this time to make sure I don’t get injured from asking more than my body would feel comfortable with.