Jerry Seinfeld and the Delivery

Start at 1:06:30 and listen for about a minute and a half. This is Jerry Seinfeld at his finest. This video may be removed and I’ve linked the radio spot as well below.

The way Jerry talks about his work should show everyone what it takes to rise to that next level. The meticulous nature of how he cares so much as how to the word sounds during the delivery. He is probably unbelievably anal about what word he chooses, how he pronounces it, the pause between, and “the 100 steps” that make the joke work. This interview got me to start using the thesaurus more often when I’m writing these posts. It got me to understand how important every aspect of the trade needs to be nailed down to be the best quality and Jerry is one of the all time greats. I also like how Jerry doesn’t always agree with Howard because it makes him more genuine.

A few quick hits –
6:30 – “The worst part of comedy is getting comfortable.”
16:11 – “The Louie CK model should be the model for comedians. Not telling the executives what he was going to do.”
21:38 – “I like how their hanging in there with the chop sticks. They’ve seen the fork.”
22:19 – “I’m never not looking for material.”
28:50 – “If your a comedian and you’re playing golf, you’re going nowhere in this business.”
31:55 – “The blessing in life is finding the torture you are comfortable with.”
34:45 – “If you’re a little lucky in life, you should enjoy getting older.”
39:35 – “You can get any moron to talk about themselves, and you’ll find some weird thing about them that’s kind of interesting.”
44:53 – “Jay Leno was THE BEST stand up comic.” Howard hates Jay Leno.
50:35 – “Pop tarts can’t go stale because they are never fresh.”
53:10 – On another season of Seinfeld – “The love affair between the people making the show and the audience was so intense, it was so white hot, I had to respect that and I could not go to that point where it starts to age and wither. And it doesn’t take long… I wanted it to end with a firework burst of it that never was bad.”
55:30 – “I have a sense of timing.”
1:10:15 – “You’re worth 800 million dollars.” “Can I dispute that, please? Way off.”
1:24:40 – “I have never been in it for the money.”

This is Seinfeld’s new project, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Listen to the part on the radio here.

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  1. gourlay July 2, 2013 at 1:50 am

    Jerry Seinfeld has always been one of my least favorite people. I just dont find Jerry funny. I cant explain it but he just doesnt do it for me. Ill keep the comments coming. You could pay me a salary.

    Also, the best part of Curb Your Enthusiasm, for me, was that it showed that Larry David was the genius behind Seinfeld. Jerry and those other idiots were not the stars of that show, Larry David was.

  2. gourlay July 2, 2013 at 1:53 am

    I will say that in this interview I like him more than I would have thought. Maybe its the character he tries to play that I dont like. Who knows. Cya tomorrow.

  3. admin July 2, 2013 at 7:54 am

    If I can put my therapist hat on a minute, I think you’re one of those people who likes someone less if everyone else likes them a lot. I generally feel the same way unless the person deserves the appropriate attention. In this case, I believe Jerry shows you why he’s considered a comedic genius and how every detail is crucial to success, which most people overlook. This would be in contrast to Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian who are popular with little talent.

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