A brief summary of yesterday was walking over the Ben Franklin bridge, puking, walking back over the Ben Franklin bridge. You’d think at 29 I’d know how to handle myself but you’d be wrong. A few of us bought tickets to the radio 104.5 birthday concert yesterday and I had planned on attending. However, a single shot of whiskey turned that idea into a disaster. After a few pre-game beers, we bought some boxed wine and started drinking it along the walk over the bridge to the Susquehanna center. Everything was fine until I took a swig of some whiskey and it was basically lights out. We ran into Nikkii and Ck4 and once I sat down, I started getting sick from the shot. Ck4 was talking to me and I puked up the wine right into my mouth and that caused me to vomit further. I started walking back towards the lawn and puking every couple of steps, it was pretty much a nightmare. After that I had to leave because I had throw up on my clothes and wasn’t enjoying the experience. I ended up trying to catch a cab but settled on walking back. Great concert though and 36 dollars well spent.


The night before was more of a success. I went to a charity event to save the Kid’s Castle which really went off without a hitch. I ended up buying 4 rounds of golf for 250 dollars which was beneficial to all parties involved. Ck4 was rolling in the raffle tickets but it was Sammy G who took home a Wawa gift basket. I also have to mention the dinner beforehand which took place at Country Place and was my first experience of a red neck hootenanny. Cheap beers and food made for a nice place. I’m not sure they had ever seen khaki’s before or have someone order the Prime Rib. The night was an overall enjoyable experience.


This write up was something because I know I haven’t posted in a few days. Everything is good and Laura’s wedding is this week which will be more events to attend.