I always credit barstool when I find a story by them just so you know I don’t steal anything without telling you. I liked this because the actual story was that it was wrong of him to ask if the girls were “fucking retarded”. I think we can all agree that this guy deserves accolades for caring enough about the LFL (Legends Football League) to get this psyched. You have to watch the full video to get the understanding of why he’s so angry. With 4 ticks left the “bitch” (hilarious terminology by the coach) chucks one deep in the end zone to a wide open receiver for a last second score. I fully expected to girls to start crying just like a League of Their Own but I guess there is no crying in Lingerie Football. I do believe this video has a bigger purpose though than calling girls retarded which is the given in any proof. I also know some girls probably read this and have to have a little sense of humor about this post.

When a coach takes this much of an attitude over a play like this in a league as unknown as the LFL, it only brings a competitive edge to the league which is needed for any sport to be taken seriously. Isn’t this why football reigns supreme and 13,000 fans show up to see the Marlins? With only 16 games in the regular season, the players (at least most of them) give it their utmost every single week. A baseball season has 162 games and you can skirt by at 80% without anyone saying a word. This is why, at least for me, I will always prefer football or college basketball over everything else. I even started to like rugby and soccer a bit because there is an intensity about the game. I promise you that when these girls started the 3rd quarter, they had a fire lit under their behinds. *FYI — Coach Michaelson’s offensive speech seemed to work … because the Mist dominated the Chill in the 2nd half to win the game 55-36. *Laura Creel looks nice to me as a further reason to watch the LFL.

What this maniac did in the locker room is far superior than any other way to handle a bumbling team. It makes fans care about what’s going on because they know the coach cares. It’s not an original thought that when management cares about their product, not only will the players play harder but the fans will care. It’s why Philly can’t stand the Sixers. They dicked us on Bynum and we won’t forget it quickly. Chris Michaelson should be commended, not punished. He called his girls retarded, big deal. There’s the right way to handle situations and then there is this guy’s in your face approach. He got results from this tirade and I think it’s important to note how someone like me felt compelled to re-tell this story because I think there’s a message behind it. Does this work all the time? Did Mike Rice get the same results? I’m not sure this works 100% of the time but I do believe it’s a better than an apathetic approach.