There is no arguing with this list, it is truth.

  • As you walk, if your right foot points out to the right and your left foot points out to the left with each step you take, you’re not athletic, you are perhaps even goofy. Athletic footsteps points straight ahead. A theory that hasn’t been proven but that has been suggested is that toes that point inward with each step are the highest level of athletes.
  • The pace of your walk decides your dedication to life. Slow walkers are probably lazy, out of shape, and are generally lax about life. Quick walkers have places to go and don’t want to waste their time walking from point A to point B.
  • Hot Shots Golf 3 on Playstation 2 was the best golf game ever created that tested your hand eye coordination and decision making. If you could shoot -21 on some of their harder courses in high wind, you had something to be proud of. I don’t count golden tee because the track ball isn’t as precise.
  • You would think I would have some creative ideas about sleeping and eating but I really don’t. I’ve seen skinny people eat ridiculous amounts, fat people who work out, and people who sleep too much or too little, I don’t see any connection whatsoever to how that determines you as a person.