I know what you’re all thinking and, no, the title of this post isn’t in reference to the New Order song. I have made a serious mistake. One that cost me dearly. I just spent about 3 months going through one of the most troublesome times of my life but today I finally came out the other side. I must say that this time period has left some scars and personal irritation but it’s all for the better because I have gotten stronger as a person. 3 months ago to this day, I bought a double pack of Degree antiperspirant deodorant. I’m usually a gel stick guy but for some reason this type was on sale and I went for it and I’ve regretted the decision ever since. I just never feel like that white, non stick substance does the job. It just glides over your arm pit without a trace. When I have the moist gel leaving it’s mark under my pit, I know it’s working. I’m protected. So I’m happy that this false, antiperspirant phase of my life is over and I’m back to where I belong with my Old Spice Endurance stick.