I’ve been home now for about 3 weeks (essentially 2 as I spent a full week down the shore) and I’m adapting fairly well. The drive to work eats up about an hour of my day more than it used to but I’m starting to get used to it. I’m waking up earlier and getting home later. It’s nice though because everything is so close by that it’s never like I have to wait for what I want. My running routes have already started to get routine but I like the change of pace running through residential neighborhoods. Beats the crowded streets of Manayunk. I’ve also been getting in better shape from just doing more activities. I’ve been playing a lot of golf, chess, basketball, ping pong, and been running as well so I’m really active. I can’t tell if I’m more active than before but it certainly feels like it. I even watched the Green Hornet which was the first movie I’ve seen in ages and I thought it was hilarious at moments and I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t take life too seriously. I also think my plans of buying a place might give way to renting an apartment in the city. This home situation was just temporary and I don’t think I’m ready to permanently commit to a place. Rather than force it I’m starting to lean in the other direction. A final comment on living at home, we went to the bar last night and Sam (didn’t drink) and his friend Gourlay came, who I’m sure would enjoy a mention in this blog. Gourlay basically thinks for about 1 second before he says what he’s thinking and is pretty hit or miss but I find him entertaining. Aside from that though everything is run of the mill. Till next time.