A nice Kurt Vonnegut reference. Since being “home”, I’m waking up earlier and getting home later. This trend will continue and doesn’t exactly lead to a happier quality of life. I have been able to catch full Howard Stern interviews which I must say I enjoy. Yesterday was Joe Walsh and today was Joan Rivers, both of whom you should know but most probably don’t. Walsh being a guitarist in the Eagles (and a decent solo career) and Joan Rivers being a 79 year old comedian. Aside from that though this is just something that I’m going to have to get used to. It took me all of Monday and most of today to recover from the Saturday night and following bike race. I swear I know why this type of ill feeling takes place after long periods of drinking and my bet it is complete body dehydration. You’d think just chugging water would cure it but that’s not the case. Your body just starts pissing a ton if you try it that way. It just takes time to recharge. I think most weaker bodies just stop drinking but the alcoholic in me just consumes and then deals with the punishment that follows.

I will also note that living back home is quite a bit different. After 5 years on my own it’s been quite an adjustment. I’ve been eating a lot more Frosted Flakes and reading the paper. We also have all the movie channels which is nice. The terrain is way flatter than Manayunk and my runs seem like a piece of cake. Sam and I haven’t gotten in our Ping Pong games but I’m sure that will be in the near term. I just want to take it week by week and enjoy the ride.