Shee and I decided to play golf today after work on this beautiful sunny afternoon. It was 16 bucks to walk at twilight which was a pretty good deal. The course was pretty shitty but at least I got to swing the club a little bit. I striped a ball down the middle on hole 1 and played to a reasonable level throughout the round. I only used my driver one time and hit a monster 300 yard drive which makes me 1 for 1 on good drives. My contact for the day was decent and I wasn’t hooking everything which is encouraging. The Shee and I had a pretty amazing battle with some improbable putts going in to keep things interesting. With a Dallesandro’s cheese steak on the line there was no holding back. I ended up prevailing which I’m sure the Shee wasn’t too happy about but we had a good time and played 16 holes in 2 hours for 16 dollars which is good value from a golf standpoint.

I’m gonna give 4 picks for the games tomorrow and give a few teams who I hope to see go far.

– I really like Vanderbilt against Harvard and also making a deep run. They are coming off of a SEC tourny victory with a strong win against Kentucky and they lost a lot of close games to give them the 5 seed.

– I wouldn’t be surprised to see NC state play Belmont in the second round and then NC state coast to the sweet 16. NC lost a close one against UNC in the ACC tourny and I think that should give them a lot of respect as an 11 seed. They are in a good conference and most of their losses are against good teams so them over SD state wouldn’t surprise me.

– I like VCU over Wichita State because they have final 4 experience from last year. They won their sub par division and don’t play a lot of good teams so I think their ranking is sort of questionable because they don’t play strong teams. I think they are better than they seem. Plus Wichita St isn’t from a great conference either so this game will be closer than it seems.

– FSU will be my wildcard. I’m fairly certain not everyone will take them to go to the final 4 and this team plays with all the best teams in the ACC and I have confidence that they will give Ohio St a tough game. I have a feeling the big 10 isn’t as good as they seem.