This is my business idea that I think is a million dollar idea. You can call it a pyramid scheme but I don’t believe it would work out that way. This system is based on a word of mouth that relies on the people who bought my product to become the salespeople. For example, I’m the manufacturer of key chains and they cost me 1 dollar. I sell a key chain to you for 3 dollars. I present the opportunity to you that if you sell one key chain to a friend, I will give you one dollar. Now since I’m the manufacturer of the key chain, I sell your friend the key chain for 3 dollars and you make 1 dollar. You now have the ability to sell key chains and make yourself 1 dollar for every key chain you sell, effectively becoming my salesperson. You can tell your friend the same deal, if he can sell a key chain to his friend, he in turn will make 1 dollar. I haven’t figured out exactly how the incentive referral based system would work but I believe that his theory would expand exponentially if you had a product that would work right and you could figure out the details so people get compensated for what they sell without getting screwed over. Word of mouth based products are the best way of communication.