An unusual thing happened to me last night. When I got home from work I decided to go to the gym. I did a workout and then ran 5 miles at 28:55. When I arrived home I saw CK4 dressed up in his bball uniform and was like wtf. I had about 5 minutes to get changed and get ready for the game. My foot had this nice chunk of skin coming off and I really didn’t want to play. Nevertheless we went to the game to play a team we lost to earlier in the season. From a talent standpoint they weren’t a better team than us. However, our team doesn’t play good basketball. There’s no other way to put it. Soft defense, bad shot selection, no movement, no boxing out and a general lack of chemistry. This might be a tad harsh but we lost this game for the aforementioned reasons. People like to blame the refs but that wasn’t the case at all. If you’re the better team, you don’t let the refs decide if you win or not. My favorite play of the night was Ck4 getting a lane violation by charging in from the 3 point line on a foul shot. Were you planning on dunking the miss? This cost the team a huge point late in the game. We had plenty of chances at the end too but it wasn’t happening. If a winter team is trying to be assembled we either need new recruits or some team practices. Not a good way to finish the season.