With about 300 million people in the US, and the world population approaching 7 billion, that’s a little more than 4% of the general global population. Toss in Canada to round out North America and it totals 5%. However, North America holds around 30% of the global net worth. This is a bit skewed and should give you a good idea on why people around the world don’t look at the US with such high esteem. We come off as arrogant, greedy and wasteful. The worst thing about this situation, and why things will change, is that the US debt is about 15 trillion dollars which I’m sure I’ll never see repaid in my lifetime. Big ticket items like Medicare, Social Security, Defense and our interest payments on our debt will make certain of this. Our country is seriously flawed and anyone who doesn’t open their eyes to this is living under a rock. The other problem is that with jobs leaving the country, people don’t work, less taxes our consumed by our Gov’t and we fall further in debt. Our system gives 99 weeks of unemployment. 99 weeks!!! Our system supports inmates for years and years on the taxpayers dollar. Our system gives welfare to people who make poor decisions and decide to have 10 children when they obviously can’t afford any of them. To add insult to injury, the top 1% of US citizens control 35% of the the country’s wealth. The top 20% control 80% of the wealth. These are the people who have run this country into the ground. They are probably the most manipulative, corrupt and biggest causes of where we are. Have them bail out our nation.

I’ve been reading a book on what happens when America fails and this is what brought about this topic. I tend to write about things that I find interesting because I just assume maybe you do too. Stats like these really do open your eyes though to what’s out there. Understanding how small of the population of the US compared to the global tally is really bizarre when you think about it. When you live here in the States, this is your world. The world seems huge with 300 million people in it. Once you realize that it’s only 5% of the total population you understand that there’s a whole lot more out there to see. I also think the US is in really big trouble and the rest of the world is starting to gain power which will soon overtake the US’s influence. Just a matter of time. Until America stops looking for hand outs and decides to start putting effort towards solving problems, we’ll be better off. Things change with hard work and this country is severely lacking it. I find our country’s leadership part of the problem. I really hope Obama doesn’t get re-elected because I’m not sure he’s the man for the job. Things aren’t really headed in the right direction and the excuse of we’re correcting Bush’s mistakes has passed. Knock off the ObamaCare and stop being such a humanitarian and maybe we’ll see some results.