Perhaps I was too hasty in this decision if Jkash is comparing my popularity to Smokin’ Joe. Not to mention YoungCaseHo was wondering where my thoughts were on the PSU debacle. Meaning that people do read this and probably do enjoy it from time to time. Here’s my dilemma and my solution. My dilemma can be explained in this example. Tonight we played a BBall game at Ambler that I could go into detail about. I think that maybe 10 people would actually care. This isn’t enough to make this blog meaningful. This is the current problem because when I’m putting all this effort into these entries, it’s nice to feel like the audience gives a hoot. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to continue this blog exactly as it has been going until 1,000 posts. That’s about 2 months of material. In the meantime I’m going to work on this other website that I think will reach a broader, more defined audience. I know that seems like an oxymoron but I think it works. So when I’m ready to unveil my new site (which none of you will care about), I’ll at least have finished this current website with 1,000 posts which is an achievement that I’d be surprised if many people can say they’ve done. So that’s my thinking for the future. An just so Casey knows, my only thought to PSU is that if the upper level heads of the program would have come forward in 2002 when they were aware of it, none of this would be snowballing to where it is today. Seems timely that they bring it to light after JoPa’s 409th win is in the books. Bake told me tonight that the number of boys coming forward is up to 20! I hate to say it but it really ruins JoPa’s reputation for the record books and tarnishes his achievements. Serves him right though for waiting. They all deserve what comes to them in the form of punishment.