Where to begin. I’ve been working a fair amount. More than ever I’d guess. Business has been better than it has been in sometime and more business generally creates more work. However, lucky for you, I’m not going to bore you with those details. I’ll write about some of the extracurricular activities I’ve been working on.

I blew up my sports betting account in the good way. I’ve won 6 of my last 8 bets and the 2 I didn’t win were pushes. It’s running hot more than anything but if it continues you can be certain I’ll be throwing money around because striking while the iron is hot is the best advice to a sports bettor. Putting down hundreds of dollars on games sort of clouds real life money. When you consider you can lose 200 dollars on a game, you sort of aren’t worried about over spending on a meal. I’ve considered writing my picks in the blog but I don’t think I’m proven enough for that. One thing I will say though is that I haven’t been listening to anyone or anything which I think helps in not clouding decisions.

Our Ambler BBall team won rather easily against a terrible team. Kevin has stepped in for Chad and has provided some offense with some sharp shooting. I still can’t make a lay up and it was embarrassing to the point that I actually feel like I have to practice. Bud also can’t hit a shot and together we make a good tandem. It’s a weird league because some teams are good and others are just out of shape and not worth playing. This was one of the latter.

I’m 200 pages in a Game of Thrones “A Dance with Dragons” and it’s moving along. The Tyrion and Jon Snow chapters are very entertaining and I’m just going to be pissed when this book is over. Fortunately I still have about 600 pages left but they’ll come and go quickly. I might have to start hunting for new material soon. I’ve also been listening to Bob Dylan while reading and even though I’ve purposely stayed away from listening to him, I’m glad I’ve exposed myself to his music. It has a different sound and it’s not so much music as he sings for a purpose. Interesting stuff and I’m continue listening to who the Rolling Stones consider has the greatest song of all time, Like a Rolling Stone.

I made 1600 bucks in 3 days playing the stock market. I purchased 100 shares of the exchange traded note TVIX. It’s a volatility play that goes up when the market moves down. I’ve been following for months now and after the big day last week when the dow was up 250 or so I jumped in. After yesterday and today the TVIX went up about 40% and I sold my shares at 57 dollars a share. As a short term gain you still have to pay 40% in taxes but it’s still a nice hit and a well timed move which I can’t always say happens. The other move I’m looking at it buying put option in LNKD because they lock out period ends sometime near the end of November. Essentially, any investors who bought stock before it IPO’d get in this “Lock In” period where they can’t sell their shares for 6 months. I think the stock is overvalued as it is and I wouldn’t be surprised to see investors take their profits. I’ll write again, I like NFLX at 80 a share.