I know I’ve been posting more about events and celebs than my actual life but I really get the feeling people aren’t that interested in my personal issues. It’s difficult for me to know what my readers actually like reading. The majority of my traffic comes from posts about famous people so I just assume that more people visit this website for topical events. I’ve been staying busy though. Work has been pretty average and I’ve been doing my best to stay in shape. I’m on the fence about running the Philly Distance Run only because I’m not in half marathon shape. I still have over a month to get there, and I could, but it’s just a fair amount of effort. I just feel like I’m always nicked up. My big toe nail fell off, I have a burn on my finger, a blister on my toe… the list just never ends. This wasn’t the case when I was 18. I’ve also been following the market closely and have moves in the pipeline (DUG). I’ve been staying occupied by watching the Sopranos. I’m on episode 40 of 86 and have been very entertained so far. I’m also working through the third game of thrones book which also takes a lot of time considering it’s an 1,000 page book. So life is pretty dull but I’m not bored. I wish I was more exciting because life stories would make for more entertaining reads.