I wanted to give my opinion on the first 3 Star Wars movies (episodes 4,5, and 6). I’ve always felt Star Wars is one of those movies that you should just have to watch just so you understand when people make references to it. For years I’ve seen bits and pieces but I don’t think I ever sat down and actually watched it from start to finish. Now I can say I’ve done that. I haven’t done any research about how critics felt about these movies but I think that’s better anyhow. My thoughts will be my thoughts.

I thought the first one was decent, Empire Strikes Back was the best of the 3 and the Return of the Jedi was just a little too dressed up for my liking. I thought the first one was sort of slow and not much really happened. I already wrote that blowing up the death star should have set back the empire financially and probably crippled their future plans. The trash compactor scene was really dumb because they were being chased and they jumped down the chute, how would the storm troopers not know where to look? How was ObiWan moving around the death star so easily, it’s like a city and there are people everywhere who should be noticing him dressed as a Jedi. I know these are small things but stuff like that bothers me.

I really liked The Empire Strikes back. The beginning part was sort of hokey but the movie has to be somewhere. The Yoda training was what it was. When he struck Vader in the forest part, that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. It was pretty risky of Luke to jump down that hole that led to nowhere to escape Vader. I thought the Han Solo, Leia, Lando plot line was OK and it’s nice to see the good guy not always win. Aside from the strange ending with Luke hanging on and being scooped up after they should have been being chased, it was pretty entertaining.

I thought the Return of the Jedi was pretty dumb actually. How does Jabba move around? People seem to fear him a little much considering he doesn’t really have much mobility. How on Earth did Leia have the power to strangle him? I thought Luke was way to powerful to be played by Mark Hamill. Something just felt wrong with that. The Ewoks seemed a little to weak to be battling the empire. The emperor, Vader and Luke was also just sort of strange I thought. Not may favorite Star Wars.

So that’s it. Now I can say I have my own opinions on Star Wars movies. To be alive on this planet, seems like something you should have general knowledge of.