I’ve been feeling really out of shape lately. This is day 16 of no left foot walking and I’m getting restless. I just want to advance in time to at be able walk normally without feeling handicapped. I’ve been eating junky foods combined with no exercise and I see how people become fat and unhealthy. This experience might be helpful in that it helps me realize that I have to take advantage of what I have while I still have it. I wrote off the broad street but it’s still 2+ months away. I should be able to walk by the next week and hopefully get my ankle strong enough to be able to jog. We’ll see.

Other than that I haven’t been moving much and just playing online poker. I spazzed out today after a losing session of 200 I played a 60 sng only to get 4th when the guy who ended up getting 3rd was down to 25 chips. That tilted me and I played a 78 turbo and won it after getting lucky with Q8 vs K8 when I called a sb shove. Pretty lucky but it saved my afternoon. I’m still quite prone to tilting if the game rubs me the wrong way. I know this isn’t as interesting as picking fights with people during Scattergories but this is the best I got for right now.