If my future were financially secure there are things that I could be a lot better at with just a little practice. Give me 60 days, 8 hours a day of practice on the golf course and I believe I could shoot in the 70’s. I hit the ball far enough and with some short game practice this is doable. I certainly don’t think I could make the tour but if I had nothing else to do but play golf, it’s a sport that you can get increasingly better with practice because natural ability isn’t as much of a factor.

If I lost my job I think I could dedicate my time to playing poker for a living. I’d join Cardrunners, study the game a few hours a day and then play the whenever I felt like it. I know for a fact I could beat this game to a profit. I’ve already proven I can do it as a pastime. With discipline and nothing else to do I could beat the game for more money then I’m making currently. However, this would wear you out and your social skills would diminish. But this would be an option if I had absolutely nothing else to do with my time.

Bowling is another one of these skill games. Give me a coach and plenty of time and I think I could throw up some numbers. Pool the same way. The point is that people don’t get a chance to do what they want because there is the pressure of finding a real job and creating a “real” life. These professionals who are great at these skill games aren’t the best because of natural ability (well some obviously are). They spent hours and hours practicing and honing their skills. I intend to take off a month of my life and try to do something that I’d like to spend all my time doing and see how good I can get at it. I will keep you informed.

The second part of this post is self appreciation. I was walking down the street today to pick up my lunch and some traffic cop was sitting down eating sunflower seeds. She was eating the Lays brand and not David so I knew she was a noob. Anyway, I get my lunch and walk back and I see the bag on the ground. I eye the bag, then I eye her, then the bag again, and give a nice scoff. Littering is something that bothers me. It shows that you have no consideration for anyone else and that basically you are a slob who can’t pick up after yourself. It’s such a simple thing but it speaks volumes about the personality. I bet if you looked inside the cops house it wouldn’t be spotless.

The 2nd thing is cigarettes. I love people who say, “we’re going to die anyway, what’s the problem.” You are only given one life and you might as well make it count. Why kill yourself in the process. Not to mention it kills your endurance, yellows your teeth, and makes you smell bad. Anytime I see a girl fire up a cig it immediately drops her 3 points. If she’s a 10, she bombs to a 7. The only people benefiting from the cigarette is corporate greed and the gov’t. You could make the case that alcohol kills you to so why do people do that. My response would be, JC and his dad had livers like a champ and I’ll have more fun getting bombed then coughing up a lung. I just don’t get it.

On a side note:
I was like WTF is up with this song at first but now it’s really grown on me.

I’d embed it but embedding is disabled. It’s been out for about a month but it’s worth a listen if you haven’t heard.