I’ve finished Dexter. All 3 seasons in 3 weeks. This series is the nuts. I would put it an extreme close 2nd behind the Wire. I actually might put it ahead because I haven’t seen the Wire in a while to make that accurate. If you haven’t watched it all then stop reading now because there will be spoilers ahead. The episode where Dexter proposes to Rita practically brought a tear to my eye. I usually am too manly to admit this but you really grow with the characters and it was really a great scene. It’s a show about a serial killer and I rave about the marriage proposal, gay I know but how can you not fall in love with Rita. I also thought Deb’s potty mouth was awesome throughout each season. I thought I would hate her character but she really was a good actress. Angel was probably the worst but not too annoying and Masuka had hilarious commentary at times. All in all it was good casting.

The story lines in every season were phenomenal. I can’t pick a best season. I thought the “skinner” was a little stupid but Dexter’s battle with Miguel was enthralling. The Bay Harbor Butcher put Dexter under the most heat. And the Ice Truck Killer season made a good effort at describing his background. I just really, really enjoy this series. Rita shows her tits, bad guys get offed, stories come together like you would never believe. Some things bother me like how Dexter took down Dokes with handcuffs on. Or when Miguel busts the Nazi freak, drive away and everyone just forgets he escapes. Or when the Skinner lets Dexter escape because he has his tools a mile away, wtf? I don’t really care though it was awesome and I’m upset I’m out of episodes. I guess I’ll wait till Season 4.

True Blood delivered once again. This is just an awesome show. People probably dismiss it because it’s vamps and freaks but it’s just so entertaining. How did the wife put her panties on with her dress down? Nevermind, Eric is the man but the Bill and the other bitch vampire is sort of boring. That’s kind of the only part that lets me down and for some reason they show way to much of it. Sam and the Maryann is heating up and I’m a bit pissed they axed Daphne. I’m really looking forward to next week when all hell breaks loose. Should be a good one. A final thought, I don’t usually go for red heads but Jessica! Nice.True_Blood-Jessica-Deborah_Ann_Woll

Entourage is biting it in my opinion. Turtle bores the hell out of me. Watching Vince and Eric bang random chicks is going nowhere. Drama is getting old. Ari is saving the show but Andrew Klein has got to go. What the hell was the mole behind Gary Cole’s ear? More Sloan. I’ll stop bashing and give them a one episode pardon but I wasn’t impressed.

Weeds tonight was so so. I don’t see where the season is going. I have lost interest in all the characters and only watch the show for entertainment. I don’t think this is a very good show anymore.