I’m a big fan of Kristen from Kristen and the Noise. Not only is she attractive but she can sing the roof off the building and has dance moves to boot. I think their song choice is decent and they have a pretty good following. Their one band member ordered a shot of jack followed by another shot of jack which is a pretty bad ass move. Ck4 and I got there at 9 and probably had about 9 beers at a dollar each. After that they bump the price up to 4 dollars which honestly pains me to pay. I probably had about 4 more at that price and I did one mind eraser by myself which seemed like a good idea. Amazingly I didn’t black out and we got a taxi back at around 1:30 where CK4 then cooked some eggs. I was playing Bruce as I went to sleep which I’m sure delighted Evan. His text message to me this morning was “I don’t mind the music but can you shut it off before you go to bed” and I agree with him 100%. I tend to get wasted, blast some music and then fall asleep with it still blasting and me being too drunk to 1) wake up and 2) shut if off. This is one of the drawbacks of having me as a roommate.

Here’s what I can’t understand. On Wednesday we went to the bar at 6 and I was drinking Scotch Ale at 8% abv. We probably left at 10 or so and I can’t remember walking back or very much once I got back. That was 4 hours of drinking only that beer and I probably only had about 6 or 7 pints. Last night I easily had 12+ bud lights and a mind eraser over a 3+ hour span and can remember everything. It gets difficult waking up each day hungover and going to work but I guess that would make me a functional alcoholic. I do have a lot of fun though hanging out at a bar with a good crowd, good band, and getting wasted so I can’t downplay that end of things. It’s just the aftermath makes things a little tiring. Everything is good though and Amberlamps is having a birthday party tonight which I’m going to attend and Greengenes is at Mad River which would be good for late night. Everyone is jetting this weekend though so I have my options open for anything if anyone is doing anything fun.