Quick entry before sleep. I managed to ship a $12 dollar 180 man for $594 today. After the W, I proceeded to donk off $75 in 4 sngs but did cash out some and will continue to try to build the roll. I sucked out with 88 vs 99 in the beginning and then again with A6 vs AT to survive. I got to the final table practically last in chips and tripled up with 33. Then I got it in with 22 vs A7 and then with AQ vs A9, both holding. I went into heads up a 2-1 dog in chips but flopped a flush to quickly turn it around and ended it with AK vs JK. It’s good to finally win won of these and I’ve been watching a lot of videos and have confidence that I’m going to turn in some other bigger scores.

After my win I decided to go to the gym and literally got he A1 parking spot right next to the handicap spot. So I’m thinking life is pretty good at this point after getting completely blanked at work today. So I’m top of the world at this point and I see this girl who I’ve noticed a few times before and decide what the heck. So I walk up to her and say “is your name Melissa?” (I was pretty sure she worked at Summit park when I lived there and sort of remembered her name.) She said, “no.” I said, “oh.” I awkwardly walked away and stayed on the opposite side of the gym. You can’t win em all.

I’m going to give one final thought for documentation purposes. I suggest buying the stock MOBI at around $7.00. It is the largest virtual app store in China and they just partnered with one of the largest web portals. Hundreds of millions of Chinese need to be entertained and apps are the newest, cheapest form of entertainment. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.