I wrote a few that are longer term and require some effort.  Here are some things that I should change that really require minimal effort but are difficult to achieve.

  • Flossing daily.  I’m about a 2 flosser a week currently but it was usually never the till a year or two ago and my dentist yelled at me and I just decided I’ll try to do a better job.  I could obviously make it happen but I always forget on weekends and that’s about 3/7 of the week and the other half is whenever I remember.  No reason for bleeding gums
  • Using fluoride.  I just hate it beyond belief.  It tastes horrible and then you can’t eat for 30 minutes after and the minute I have to swish it around is usually the worst minute of my day.  Restoring enamel can suck my left nut.
  • Changing my diet and eating healthier, in conjunction with not spending for most meals.  The majority of meals I eat are taken from the freezer, put in the oven, and cooked for 30 minutes.  Never any veggies or fruits.  It’s fried chicken or pizza and I could do a better job mixing it up a bit.  However I will add that I don’t really drink soda and I very rarely eat dessert like ice cream or brownies.  It’s funny when Jess Baker or Jill bring baked goods they just hang out because I just don’t partake in that.  I also should make breakfast or bring lunch because I the cash I spend on lunch certainly adds up when I do it 10x a week.
  • Keeping things cleaner and more organized.   There’s really no excuse to having things filthy and out of place.  People who lack self pride and have no discipline are the culprits and even though I’m aware of this trait, I still could do a better job.  I don’t have a spotless attitude but things that are neat just tend to have a better outcome and a little effort over time makes this happen.
  • Keep a daily log.  It’s not unusual the world log is in blog but I think if I had a notepad in my pocket and wrote down things I thought about during the day, I’d have more things to check up on and more concise thoughts.  JC would be the ultimate influence on this bullet point and I agree with him as I’ve gotten older, if you write it down, it has a better chance of getting done.
  • Read more books and do more research.  It’s embarrassing when you don’t know who the Secretary of State is (Hilary Clinton) or Bush Sr.’s VP (Dan Quayle).  Just stupid stuff is completely at my fingertips and when I don’t know something or just want to learn about something, it’s just a keyboard away.  I’m completely honest that my history is awful and I usually just reason “who really cares?”  But it’s more the big picture that to understand situations and make decisions, it’s better to have more information then less.  Sort of off reasoning from my original posing of a question but I think it’s somewhat related.
  • Just caring more.  Instead of plopping down in front of the TV watching the Jersey Shore, opening books or learning about something constructive has to have much more impact on my future.  Sure it’s awesome to know if Vinnie is banging Snooki but in the bigger picture, this won’t have much impact.  I will still watch it more but finding a passion or hobby of something you really like to do is how one can become successful.

That’s it.  Simple things that I’ve arrived at after 27 years of this Earth.  Aside from getting into a more constructive daily routine, that’s all I got.  I’ll keep you posted.