I haven’t posted in a while. I’m not really in the mood to go through day by day of the events that transpired this weekend and I’m pretty sure no one would really care. On Wednesday we went to see Mr Greengenes at Mad River. Thursday was Thanksgiving and was pretty much just football and dinner with the family. Friday was beer pong with CK4 and then out in Manayunk. The end of Friday resulted in CK4 showing me how he laid down the boom on multiple chairs, Sorry Evan. Saturday brought about the Turkey Tourny which was eventually taken down by my brother Sam, with my brother Jeff getting 2nd and me getting 4th which is a pretty good showing by the Stortz’s considering 26 people played. Not surprising the hosts of the tourny know how to play the game. Saturday was more beer pong with CK4 and then I met up with a female in Manayunk. I haven’t decided how much info to disclose on that subject but we’ll see what happens.

My fantasy football teams went 3-1 and potentially 4-0 if Frank Gore gets leveled on the first play and coughs up the ball and is then out for the rest of the game. This sets me up for a game next week with He Hate Me for the division and a playoff bye. The Nuts nutted on the Moisturizers with a 20 spot from Nate Kaeding. The Terminators continued there domination with a win over Bud and a sure fire 1 seed heading into the playoffs. Only the Mind Erasers take a loss in a much needed game. I now move to 3rd place and fighting for the points lead and the playoffs in Steve’s league. Out of the 4 leagues I’m in, I have 3 guaranteed playoff teams, at least one bye and 2 more potential 1st round byes. All in all a good showing from my fantasy teams.

I also watched Boardwalk and Dexter last night. I found both to be ho-hum episodes and with the seasons beginning to come to a close, I’m a little disappointed. I’m sure they will both conclude in good fashion but the action just seems a little stale. Bball tonight and then the usual week which is capped off by playoff football next Saturday.