We only brought 5 for the game and knew the opposing team wasn’t that great. We opened the game with the lead and never looked back. We were up 15 or so at halftime, they cut it to 8 with some poor defense by us and some lucky shooting but we never let it get closer than that and won by 17. Evan was a sharp shooter out there hitting shots from all over. We just move the ball around like a basketball team and get better shots. They weren’t hitting great tonight but it didn’t matter. We move to 7-1 and will take the 1 seed into the playoffs.

I have an idea for the weekend that is going to shock the world. I’m considering not drinking on Friday night so I will feel normal for the playoff football game. It would be a double header if we win the first game at 11 and the 2nd game would be for the championship. I generally don’t take these things that seriously but I find football to be a bit more competitive than softball. I think it’s just because it’s a better game. Taking a night off from drinking is sort of taboo but I may consider doing something lame instead of getting smashed.