I’ll write a post to give people something to do for a few minutes on the worst day of the week.

I went Mad River on Friday with hopes of scoring the bartenders number. If you’ve read anything I wrote before I told her last Sunday I’d take her out on Wednesday. I put her number in my phone wrong and didn’t contact her. So I go in on Friday trying to get her to fix the number in my phone. So I see her, tell her I’m sorry I stood her up but I had her number in my phone wrong. She looks at the number says something like “so close” and then tells me to try back later. Obviously realizing she now holds all power of the digits and decides to play hard to get. She’s at the bar and I’m at a table so the best time to talk to her is after finishing my drink. So one time I go up and say I’d like a rum and coke and also a date tomorrow night. My friend told me the line and it seemed pretty good. She thought it was funny but wouldn’t give in. Then my other friend, trying to be smooth, goes up and asks her “is Tom creeping you out?” This genius is my wingman? After such a moronic question I have to call him out in this post. Even after the retarded question she replies no which was at a fine answer for a potential disastrous question. To make a long story short I didn’t get her number because she was being difficult. She ended up giving us some free shots so it’s not like things went badly, they just didn’t end with a great success like advertised. So I’ll be down the shore starting on Thursday so I won’t get another opportunity but I think that’s probably a good thing. This girl is literally a dime or at least and nickel and 4 pennies so a challenge is probably necessary.

In other news, our Oreland team won a game. We were up 21-7 at one point. They narrowed the lead to 4 or 5 and we ended up winning by 10 or so. I didn’t play too well but anytime your team wins and an individual doesn’t do well you just say “it’s a team game.” We play again tonight at 9 with hopes of another w.

A final thought. I’ve been wearing contacts for 10+ years now and I still can’t figure out which side is the right way to put them in. Most mornings I just randomly look at the contact and just put it in. Lately they have been scratching my eyes when I put them in and I have to keep taking them out and putting them in time after time. I’m considering Lasik but honestly having a laser beam in my eye doesn’t seem like something I’m willing to chance. Summer vacation is starting soon.