lotsofmoneyonlineSo you can see from my last post that I was 2-1 (pick made in the comment section) for +5 units yesterday. I also took Sam’s “lock of the week” on the Falcons for another 5 units. A big mistake I made was over extending on the Packers game for 8 units. I was trying to ride a wave and went against bankroll management. That puts me:

NFL – 7-3 (+23 units)

CFB – 2-3 (0 units) (that parlay hit which is astounding)

EPL – 0-1 (-1.5 units)


alsmizzleAlSmizzle won the Sunday Million. I know that doesn’t mean much to most people but it’s sort of a dagger to the every man. The more Draftkings I play, the more I know it’s won by the pros and that’s just the way it is. The every man can purchase subscriptions giving insight but they don’t have the bankroll to put in hundreds of entries. If you look through my lineups you can see I was on a lot of the right people with Benjamin, Blount, Olsen, and J. James but was way off on Tajae Sharpe, A Foster, Rashad Jennings, A Rob, and unlucky on Woodhead. You can’t have people in your lineup who do shit and I did in a few spots. I invested $95 dollars and ended up winning $54 for a net loss of -$41. FYI, the winning team in the Million was Cam, DJ,┬áBlount, both Benjamins, Diggs, Marving Jones, Gates, Broncos.


733b8d73411d58bef257a2ae38d670fbWild Turkeys – Unless Alshon goes nuts for 25+ points, I will be losing. Playing the Jets D proved to be a mistake and I paid the price with Rashad Jennings over Ryan Mathews (most likely). Adam put up 120 and that’s a total that wins most weeks. Most likely 1-1 but I’ve seen crazier things happen.

Big Johnson’s – No real match up mistakes. Could have played Corey Coleman instead of Rashad Jennings but that’s a stretch. Put up 95 points but ran up against a team of Cam to Benjamin who put up more than half of the team’s points. 1-1.

Jameis Has Crabs – Squeaked out a win fading the Eli, OBJ, Jennings stack. Forte helped. I made an error playing Foster over Freeman but fortunately it didn’t cost me. 2-0.

Pigskin Pick Em’ and Eliminator

I’m currently sitting tied for 2nd in the Softerware pick’em that is not ATS and 1st in the “Reason to Drink” ATS. Softerware has about 30 members and the other has about 23. I’d say this is a pretty solid start to the season but still a very small sample size.

Panthers got the job done as we move on to week 3.