So I’ll start with our Football game as I find these to be pretty easy to write about and I think they have decent entertainment value. Let me start with the phrase “appearance’s can be deceiving.” The team we played were all white and didn’t seem all that athletic, that is until on the first play one of their guys burned Bake down the field for a TD. So it was one play into the game and they were up 7-0. I don’t really need to break it down possession by possession but the bottom line is that we got dominated by a physically inferior team who played the game much better than us. Our defense is atrocious and, in my opinion, it’s due to poor matchups and the unknown of where our safety’s should play (if we should even have safeties). I’ve made the point that everyone likes to play safety because they have no responsibilities and it just doesn’t work. I guess my thought is to think that we can implement a zone in the first season, without any practice is a complete joke, and if we put our best coverage guys on their best players, rather than just pick a guy to cover, it might be helpful. Also to note is I would have had a TD but I let Jess Baker take whatever little glory was left considering it was the end of the game and we were down 40-20 or so. Considering it’s just a fun league though, I really don’t get too worked up over any of it.

My fantasy games went ok and I have a few riding on tonights action. The Turkey’s should move to 3-0 if Greg Jennings get’s less than 33 points in our PPR league. The Nuts are a slight dog, I think, because I’m only up 16 points with Jennings and Green Bay’s D but it’s no PPR. The Terminators are a toss up with me being up 50 points but up against 5 players in tonight’s game. And the Mind Erasers put up a good number but have no chance of winning. On the wagering front, I moved on with a Colt victory in the Eliminator and have lost exactly 0 dollars for the season with all my bets. I have little urge to re-deposit and consider it a job well done to have lost no money in 3 weeks.

I watched a load of TV yesterday because I felt awful from the weekend. I pretty much should give up alcohol but since Riverpalooza is this Saturday, this isn’t going to be the weekend. CK4 and I are running a ticket racket again so if you need some tickets, I can probably save you a buck or two. Back to TV though, I watched Family Guy, Eastbound and Down, Boardwalk Empire, and Dexter on Sunday night and I’ll give my quick opinions on each just because.

It’s apparent to me that Family Guy has come a long way in the past 10 years. Sunday’s episode was the Season Premier. The graphics on the show are a significant upgrade to how I remember and I was sort of surprised to see the show like that. If you watch a lot of episodes maybe you’ll know what I mean because it had a different feel to it. Brian and Stewie steal the show for me though and I didn’t find a huge amount of laughs but I still find the show amusing. Stewie and the outfit had me rolling and the Peter / Lois interaction was great especially with the hot wheels.

Eastbound and Down struck out for me. They relied on peculiar characters to try to win the audience over and it was sort of lame. I didn’t really think anything was all that great but I liked when Kenny was talking about Big Red and how “Aaron,” a hilarious name by the way, had the nerve to rob him during Big Red’s funeral. I liked when he referred to Hector as “Mice and Men” and the donkey picture taking scene was pretty funny. The baseball closing was dumb I thought. The show didn’t live up to the hype in my mind.

I find Boardwalk Empire to be a quality show. Steve Buscemi as Nookie? is just really fine acting. Not too much is happening but I think they are setting up a lot of story lines and I like where the show is going. They have a lot of strange shaped tits too.

Dexter premiere aired too and I don’t think they knocked it out of the park with the premier but, once again, it’s a lot of setting up story lines. Rita off the show is obviously a bummer but I’m sure it won’t take away too much. I thought Dexter’s acting throughout the episode was unusual. I know he’s supposed to be acting weird but it just seemed weirder on another level. The kill scene seemed forced too but I guess they were just showing what type of emotional level Dexter was at. I thought that Astor did the best acting in the episode when she was crying and yelling at Dexter. Sucks it’s a week to week show but at least it’s an hour.

I’ll have another post tonight depending on the outcome of our bball game so tune in.