I know multiple blog readers who are culprits of this so please don’t take this personal.  Not having cash on you = laziness.  


Real Life Example

Maybe I don't want Venmo dollars.

Maybe I don’t want Venmo dollars.

We went bowling last night and one member shows up with exactly 0 dollars.  Not only can he not pay for his games because its cash only, but gambling with money you don’t have on you is a no no.  I don’t want Venmo dollars.  It makes me transfer money and then go to an ATM when you’re the person who should be going to the ATM.  Plus when you gamble with electronic money, there’s a good chance you don’t pay.  Cash always pays.

I’d venture to say that people who don’t carry cash have poor planning skills or just don’t give a fuck.


Why You Should Carry Cash

    • Some establishments still are cash only.
    • If no one carries cash, splitting up 1 tab on multiple cards is a pain in the ass establishment.
    • Me and my friends.

      Me and my friends.

      I can’t stand the person who uses his card to pay for an entire bill among multiple people with cash.  This person almost always makes out.  I’m a nice person and throw in more than I need to so there isn’t any tip controversy and the person with the card makes out paying $2 total.  Plus they control the tip total which could even profit for them.  It’s a rat move.  Plus you get the credit card points which makes you look extra stingy / rat.

    • The only reason you don’t have cash is because you can’t figure out how to go to the ATM during your day which I’m going to go out of my way and attempt to understand.  The thought process has to be, “if I don’t have any money, I can’t spend any money.”  This is not practical logic.
    • I almost always have cash and have probably lent money to people in these types of situations and receive the money back far less than I would if the person would have just carried cash to begin with.

atms_4-620x334If you don’t agree with me you can make an argument in the comments but you’ll have to be extremely convincing.  My argument to you will start with, if you weren’t lazy and could find an ATM, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.