I don’t really care if you can find legend because this ad’s importance is its creative method of click bait. I read an article in the WSJ that said the smartest minds of our country are finding ways to make you click on ads. This is one that I see how it works so well because it gives the audience a challenge, and then a sense of accomplishment by completing a challenge (that they make you think is hard).

A few other good ads I’ve see.
I like the “better than ever”. The actual ad I saw didn’t have her picture because she seemingly looks the “same as ever” to me.

This ad hit nostalgia by using American Pie, a movie that is 15 years old, girls in bikinis, and the ever popular “top 30”. Notice the arrow pointing down which spurs the “what mistake are they talking about?”

People love love. This is targeted at more females than men but people will click on love. I’m not sure what the caption is trying to point out whether you had the flu or a cold lately but that’s trying to connect with a specific bunch of love starved ill people. Maybe that’s a much larger % of the population than I know.

A shitty ad. The people who made this are over 40. No creativity. Just the facts. There’s nothing wrong with this and the argument could be made that the MBA crowd wouldn’t fall for click bait and deserve professionalism. I’m not so sure.