*** The actual ratings numbers have not been released ***


Horn Dog Kaitlyn

The Bachelorette brought in 6.6 million viewers on Monday night. The US Open brought in 11.2 million the night before. The USA Women’s World Cup game against Columbia brought in what most likely will be in the 5-6 million viewer range based off this past data.

We’re also reminded that the 3.3 million who watched the U.S. women’s opening match against Australia was triple the viewership for the U.S. opener in 2011, while the 4.2 million who watched the next matchup with Sweden and the 5 million who saw the group-clinching win against Nigeria earlier this week rank among the largest audiences in U.S. women’s soccer history.


Alex Morgan scores first goal to give US a 1-0 lead over Columbia

Does anyone find it sad that the Women’s World Cup team, who only gets to play in this tournament every 4 years, may lose to a show that is on its 11th season promoting the same sorry story line?

The contrast in the two programs should cause worry. On one hand we have 11 girls giving it all on the world’s stage in an elimination game where a loss deprives a team from going back for 4 years.  On the other hand we have Katilyn making out with Nick for an hour and half. To put this as simply as possible, Sex > Women’s Sports.

The only part of this that strikes a nerve with me is that it’s the World Cup and it feels like an exhibition game.  I’ve never been a huge soccer fan but I watched the Men’s World Cup games for national pride.  Other country’s take Futbol far more seriously than the US and the country deserves fan support.   The World Cup is the World Cup, men or women, and the amount of people who watch it should exceed that of the Bachelorette.